Steam deck does not disappoint - elden ring and no man's sky both run great, battery life seems to be good enough?

kicking the tires to make sure this still works... been a while :)

@RobF ohhh archaeology missions sound great! Digging stuff up is much more my speed instead of the shooty bits

@johannesg yeah, totally agree! Even if it ends up causing some re-learning for old time users, I think it'll be a positive improvement for everyone in the long run

The blender UI rework looks like a great step for the tool, hopefully it doesn't wreck muscle memory for people who have learned the previous interface

@korruptor that's looking good! drawing textures is a minor nightmare for me

@eli yeah it def happens, especially to the east bay. Depending on where in SF it's a nightmare though

@eli This is what I'm looking at lately when people ask me about new gigs :/ (I live in the town next to Dixon)

@aras you should buy a copy, the dark theme is nice ;)

@aras I don't know what ballpark pasta is but I want to make it

@RobF silent hill remake where all the enemies are swans

replace the radio static with swan noises

@RobF is swansea just an ocean of swans please say yes

@eli I'm wondering if they don't plan on replacing the gtx line with the rtx line - those prices are waaaay too rich for most folks

@aras @sinbad what could possibly go wrong?

(everything, everything could go wrong)

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