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I just want to say that as a programmer with no artistic ability, I _love_ seeing artists showing off here. Don't be afraid to post unfinished work, a little technique, or something useless that you intensely admire. We will admire it, too.

@proguerammer @fiveoutofkevin warnings as errors is the one true way

ignore the warnings in my project though... they're just temporary I swear

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My office chair got an eyebrow raise from a friend today, so I’m going to share the picture more widely because more people should know about the wonderful Hag Capisco. It’s weird looking but 9 years ago this chair allowed me to continue working after my back became really bad and I love it, together with my height adjustable desk. Look after yourselves, desk bound friends!

@sinbad I invested in a good desk and chair a while back and it's the best work investment I've made in a decade

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@fiveoutofkevin @coolpowers substance and jetbrains ides both have a very reasonable subscription->perpetual license fallback setu

@emanuel Thanks! Yeah I found virustotal over the weekend, very handy. Such a mess to submit false positives to some of these companies...

Anybody ever had their unity game trigger antivirus software? Latest build of our game has triggered multiple AV vendors with false positives. Running on Unity 2017.2.0f3

@peabak to be fair if the holiday does it's job I'll forget about sprintf too

@fiveoutofkevin fun fact in xcode if you use their interface builder you do literally draw lines from ui elements to code to wire up actions and data

@fiveoutofkevin how do I connect these lines of code up with blueprint lines

will that help the compiler

Feels weird to be starting a new sprint right before a holiday. Just enough time for all the tasks to fit in my head before I go away and forget them all

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