I was curious how large commonly used types in Unreal are, so I ran sizeof() on most of them, this is the result:

"LogCompile: Error: Type 'uint32' is not supported by blueprint."
Okay :(

LunarG has a new publicly accessable driver testing system for Mesa publicly available here: share.lunarg.com/
Super cool!

Content breaking the build is bad. Especially when it's exclusively checked out over night. 😞

New free and open source book on real time rendering:
Computer Graphics from scratch

"The TLDR is this book will not teach you how to use OpenGL or DirectX; instead, it can teach you how OpenGL and DirectX work."

I'm a graphics/engine programmer working on UE4 projects at Disbelief. GPUs, BRDFs, and corruptions are my jam.

I also like to draw and make my own games. I'm planning Daily Gamedev 2018 now and I'll be posting my progress here.

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