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@willnationsdev hey there :D I am working in commercial games mostly; in the mean time I maintain half hundred of open source libraries. I am also coding a generic 3D editor (mostly generic 3D+json in/output), a portable data pipeline (with Lua) and an unlicensed engine (in C). Here you have some old pics of an internal branch:

More pics here:

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"Valve says it may remove animated images from any pages it comes across with a load size that exceeds 15 MB."

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden: "83 MB is okay, right?"

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The view out my office window this morning. Say hello to Stjarna and the gang.

Got remote rendering to work (UDP+OSC!) Next stop, remote vsync.

Resuming an old project: towards a generic and portable 3D editor.

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dear imgui: a few weeks ago I resumed work on docking. Decided to rewrite my docking branch from scratch as it had too many issues. Now working on making docking v2 the one that will be released. (GIF: merging any window into another by holding SHIFT.)

How I am doing C reflection these days. This (4th) version is around 160 LOCs and yet it handles pointers and nested structs. Well, kinda.

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Been busy since my last visit!

We have SDL2 and PhysicsFS ported to the Nintendo Switch! If you have Switch access at, hit me up for source code!

Also, I wrote a single-C-file, zlib-licensed OpenAL 1.1 implementation:

I build these things with support from my patrons, so if you like these things, throw in a few dollars!

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I made an example program that creates an alpha blended OpenGL context with borderless-window and imgui :)

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I have changed the license of the sokol headers (sokol-gfx and sokol-time so far) from MIT to zlib/libpng: (cc @rlyeh )

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Hi I recently implemented a purely GPU based version to create ribbons/trails using OpenGL + Transform Feedback. I works well but I'm not super happy with the implementation. I'm looking for alternative ways and wondering if someone has done something similar? Some screenshots:

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Vokselia is the largest Minecraft map we've imported into Avoyd. It took a while to load but it worked!

We've open sourced the importer we used for this at

@floooh what is the roadmap with sokol_gfx? do you plan to add vulkan, d3d12, gles support anytime soon? I'm tempted to give it a try :D also, do you think you could go dual licensed MIT/Unlicensed like @nothings does? TY!

I have just switched from sphinx/doxygen/naturaldocs to a simpler approach. Ty @aras and Morgan :)

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