I have just switched from sphinx/doxygen/naturaldocs to a simpler approach. Ty @aras and Morgan :)


@rlyeh @aras How would that work with projects that have multiple source files. Would be great to generate one HTML for a whole directory but then the order of files porcessed would be weird... I dunno.. your approach is still lacking

@aggsol You have to concat the files in a batch file previously. Supporting references and real code parsing is not worth the effort, because that's what current code generators are doing and why they're so large and tedious. I would rather add support for morgan3d.github.io/include.js/ (so you can include Docs in a doc), and experiment with the Doxygen support in markdeep to see what it can deliver :) Anyways, for 25 lines of code is doing more than expected. Kudos to markdeep for that! :D


@aggsol Ah, just found that you can include a doc inside a doc directly from Markdeep out of the box! I've updated the landing page to reflect that :)

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