I wonder how this is painted. Let's say you start with black background end then paint blue and red motive one after the other. The latter would block the former, since paint is not additive like light is. Something more sophisticated then.
RT Double exposure 3D graffiti by insane51


@runevision paint is mostly multiplicative, so I guess the artist is really good at CMYK ;)

@aras That is true to the same extend that mixing red and cyan paint produces pure black paint. ;)

@aras What I mean is, if paint was multiplicative or "close enough" he could just start with white and then paint the two images after each other in red and cyan. But there are elements both of averaging and of the latter blocking the properties former (since a dark wall can be painted light, given enough paint).

@runevision I don't think it's done as two images. Probably done using a reference picture - with colors mixed on the spot.

@jakob Yeah I find that likely. Which would require a great deal of finesse.

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