It's a shame that on top of the people the Ooblets devs alienated with choosing to go with the Epic Game Store exclusive, they alienated an extra bunch on top of that purely because of the tone in their announcement of it. I'm not pointing fingers at them, just an observation 1/n

The Ooblets devlog has a pretty lighthearted tone strewn with witty remarks and endearing choices of words. It fits the feel of the game they're developing, and I'm sure it has worked well for them. So with the recent announcement I'm sure the default choice was to Stay On Brand.

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But you've got to know to tone down the jokes when you need to have a Serious Talk with someone. And sometimes a topic calls for a serious talk if your audience thinks it's serious even if *you* really don't. You've got to approach it from a place starting with empathy.

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It almost feels like they did the opposite and though, "we've got to show how non-serious this is, so we'll amp up the jokes even above the normal levels in our posts." And of course it backfires for those of their otherwise loyal supporters who actually thinks it's serious.

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I'm really not invested in this whole drama myself, but I think it's an interesting case study with potential takeaway for other developers on the topic on communication, tone, brand, and audience. n/n

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There's also an interesting choice of words here which defines success/failure purely in economic terms, removed from any measure of how many people end up buying and enjoying the game. It's not an invalid definition, but again reinforces the self-centered view of the post.

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