My VR adventure EYE OF THE TEMPLE hits Steam on October 14th!

Explore a vast and treacherous temple using your own body.
-🔊 check out the new trailer I've been working on
-💙 wishlist on steam
-🔁 every retweet so much appreciated!

The amazing mixed reality footage in the trailer was done by and powered by The launch trailer next month will have even more cool MR shots with them.

@runevision Congratz, it looks awesome!
I really ought to find a good VR headset that doesn't require selling my soul to facebook or spending 1k+ euros...

@silverweed Some of the Windows Mixed Reality headsets, like the HP Reverb G2, are supposedly quite decent and only at near half that price.

@runevision Good luck in the market. It's really been that long? Time flies. :3
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