I've been working on this deep underground room for @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com and I'm pretty happy with how the atmosphere turned out.

A lot of the shapes in the achievement graphics are directly made from 3d models used in the game. This is how it looks in Unity.

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Then I took it in its own direction based on the look of the in-game worn paper menu in Eye of the Temple.

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Have a good election day UK

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If you're not sure who to vote for, watch this.

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This is a through-provoking take on Untitled Goose Game. (I'm personally not much for the trend calling the tiniest of non-physical things for violence, but the idea comes through regardless.)

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here's a honk take: rebind.io/ask-not-for-whom-the

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@DevRelCallum@twitter.com @RawFury@twitter.com Working on @CubismVR@twitter.com : a minimal puzzle game in VR to challenge your spatial thinking.
Here's a gif of the demo I was showing on Quest at OC6, which also got reviewed on stage by Carmack!

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Tiring: X is Y, not Z (arguing semantics).
Inspiring: Let's examine the interplay between Y and Z of X. In which ways are they intertwined and in which ways are they not?

Side note: That I can see a triumphant slight smirk in the few pixels of that face is super impressive!

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Pixelart is a medium, not a style

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@eyeofthetemple@twitter.com Here it is with much higher exposure which is closer to what it feels like in VR.

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Managed to capture this rather dark and moody shot of a new area in @eyeofthetemple@twitter.com. You might have to view it fullscreen to see it properly, but in VR that's not an issue.

So extruded shapes in blender gets UV-mapped in a completely non-uniform way, and I had to write a Unity import PostProcessor in order to fix them up.
Image shows result: Uniform UVs despite highly varying segment lengths.

Work on Lifetime by Emitter Speed module for particles is now done β„’ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

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Work on Freeform Stretching for particles is now done β„’ and will ship with Unity 2020.1.

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I made the shrine smaller (it felt too large in VR) and modeled it in Blender. I like it overall, but it sure is dark inside it.

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Moore curve: I can be drawn with epicycles!

All other curves: Uh, so can we?

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A Moore curve is a continuous fractal space-filling curve which is a variant of the Hilbert curve. Precisely, it is the loop version of the Hilbert curve and it can also be drawn with epicycles bit.ly/2v8L9qI | bit.ly/2w9QxOI [source: bit.ly/2otNPOZ]

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Very interesting visual. I was wondering what it was, but concluded it's content aware scaling. It turns out there's a lot of memes of this (for good reason). I'm not sure how it's applied to video; if it the result is fed to itself iteratively, or the setting just turned up.

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3 AM

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There's also an interesting choice of words here which defines success/failure purely in economic terms, removed from any measure of how many people end up buying and enjoying the game. It's not an invalid definition, but again reinforces the self-centered view of the post.

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