I can't get over this tipping point for games on Steam with 500+ reviews. It seems a bit intense maybe? :)

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Based on data from @simoncarless@twitter.com's newsletter and the net, and verifying a bit myself, I made this chart of what it appears the criteria of ratings on @Steam@twitter.com are. I don't think I've seen it in infographic form before?

The wall in Fiery Pass now has a pattern carved into it rather than being all flat.
I'm surprised how big a difference it makes to the feel of the space. I'm keep on learning how to make level design more visually compelling. :)


Become an adventurer in Eye of the Temple, dodging traps and solving puzzles with your torch and whip in hand, stepping from one moving platform to another, all using your own body in VR!

Wishlist on Steam:

Just encountered this dialog in @mozthunderbird@twitter.com - it's so good! Why is this not in @firefox@twitter.com too? And, like, every other application that handles links?

Hey, Eye of the Temple got a free playable demo called 'First Steps'!

Got PC VR and a 2x2 meter play area? Join our Discord server to get a Steam key for it:

And check out (and maybe wishlist?) the full game on Steam too! πŸ™

Take deleting a row in a sheet. Even considering you're interfacing with a web service, this should be able to be done in 1-2, maybe 3 lines of code right? Ha, no! Try 13.
Compare these Stackoverflow versions to see how convoluted it is, and just how different they are.

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Improved stretched particles, and improved moving fire has shipped now in Unity 2020.1.

RT @runevision@twitter.com

My project for this year was focused on a few down-to-earth improvements for particle systems: Improved stretched particles, and improved moving fire. (Music by bensound.com)

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/runevision/status/

Don't mind me, just crudely testing with a bag of water if a counterweight makes the Oculus Quest more bearable to wear before I invest in a more elegant solution. It totally does!

I got myself an Oculus Quest today. A few hours (and several convoluted steps) later, I was playing SteamVR games on it WITHOUT A CABLE - using this guide:

The best way is to compare against a fixed point in time, but this needs to be stored and calculated with double precision to remain precise even if it keeps running for days.

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In programming, there's many ways you can make something happen every second. But not all methods are equally precise.

Ok, a more specific rendering question: The replacement shader approach is working out ok for getting the look I want, like in this video. But is there any way I can do like a cross-fade instead of fade to black *without* requiring multiple cameras?

Our team has worked on a feature for Unity 2020.1 to provide better context when editing Prefab assets. You can try it in the beta now - let us know how it's working out for you!

RT @unity3d@twitter.com

We've made some improvements to the Prefab workflow: you can now see the context of the Prefab instance in the Scene view while editing the Prefab asset!

Explore this feature in Unity 2020.1 beta: on.unity.com/2To0m60

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/unity3d/status/126

There are much more advanced techniques that what I worked out here. But this tree I got from the Asset Store has no special information built into the mesh or its textures. The challenge was to work with what I've got and get something nice out of it anyway.

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Here's the custom shader (right) versus the standard shader (left). The key for me was to avoid the strong contrast between under and oversides of polygons, and instead shade based on which direction leaves are facing compared to the whole tree and to their cluster of leaves.

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There's a subtle wind effect that's only really noticeable up close. Many games have way exaggerated wind effects even when it's not stormy weather, but that doesn't look right in VR.

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I guess it's time to finally add some trees and and other greenery to this temple environment. It makes a big difference!

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