Seems like .editorconfig files work. The least discoverable and user-friendly, but apparently most robust solution?

Anyone know how to have a custom code formatting policy in for Mac that doesn't constantly get wiped back to defaults by Unity? Google is failing me. Worked in MonoDevelop and Xamarin Studio but those are not compatible with newer project files.

@cidney Right! I made a crude teleportation tool a while ago but it's proving impractical so I'm just now working on an easier way to jump to different areas for debugging/testing.

@Apoch I don't have replay tech unfortunately. Metrics is a whole other discussion. They can be nice for some things but are not a replacement for playtesting and so won't solve the problem at hand I think.

@Apoch I've considered focusing on IRL testing on location, but then the issue of motivating people to come back gets even tougher as they then have to travel for it as well (even if only across town).

@Apoch I have an alpha group but am looking for tips for running it well. I don't know how to motivate people to go back and test again when there's new updates, and to record gameplay videos instead of only leaving a few words of feedback.

@Apoch Yeah, later content is not well suited for new players, which is the pickle.

Hi Twitter! Any tips for how to handle playtesting of areas far into a game? I've had plenty of success testing "initial impressions" but don't have a well working approach for having playtesters go back for additional sessions. How do you all approach this?

Maybe one of those sites is very popular and caused all the others to follow. Or maybe something changed on Steam that caused scraping algorithms to "rediscover" games, but then it likely wouldn't be just mine.

Articles about Eye of the Temple appeared on several Chinese sites (and a Russian and German) over the past few days, and I just got several press review copy requests (possibly fake, but that's beside the point). I have no idea what triggered all this to happen *now*.

@Tak @aras Yeah think about how different your life could have been Levi! 🤔

@aras I couldn't Google up a profile for you so I'm curious how you keep track? I would never have known if Google had not secretly kept track and was ready to show me the moment I created my profile.

Heh, I'm not an academic but I stumbled upon a paper that actually cited my old Master's Thesis on procedural animation from 2009. Pretty cool. :)

So I tried making a Google Scholar profile for fun and WTF I'VE BEEN CITED 38 TIMES?

Fiery Pass is the newest area in I'm just not holding back with the fire and lava at this point.

Hi !
I added a feature to the whip in so it can get ... dirty. A good adventurer makes sure their whip doesn't get ... dirty.

And that's why you should never have trained AI handle *any* sensitive data or decisions that has an impact on people's lives and fates.

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