In accordance with parliamentary rules, EU Parliament to strip ExxonMobil lobbyists of access badges after the company missed the assembly's first hearing into claims it knowingly misled the public on climate change.

@norado Thanks! Yeah it's not a frequent action and the player is not forced to look at it either. :)

@norado Right, I guess I was going a little bit for this in the last one. It's a tricky balance since the style of the game is somewhere between realistic and simple stylized; not cartoony or anime. "Would it fit in an Indiana Jones movie?" is one way to think about it, though I do make sparse exceptions.

Aaaaahhh! Adding juice is hard in practice. I've been going through dozens and dozens of variations of this gem fusion adjusting the motion alone, trying to make it feel juicy, and at this point I've been staring at it so much I just have no idea anymore.

“I get that when you make something you like part of your identity, any criticism feels like a knife in the back. But it isn’t. It’s just a conversation, one that can be had clearly and plainly, without anger.”

@jakob Ah! No, I was just commenting on that tweet I quoted. I can't remember if I ever read GEB or not; I think I once started but didn't finish.

I once used to join others in making fun of bad typing skills of people that behaved like jerks. Now it just seems besides the point to me, and perpetuating a bad image of dyslectics.

I forgot the word that describes words that are themselves that which they describe.

“Synonym” and “antonym” each describe a relation between two words. “Phantonym” sounds like it should too, but in fact it describes just a single word, which makes it a phantonym.

RT @HaggardHawks

A PHANTONYM is a word that looks like it should mean one thing, but strictly speaking means something else—like ‘fortuitous’ (which means ‘happening by chance’, not merely ‘fortunate’) or ‘enormity’ (which strictly means ‘great wickedness’, not merely ‘large size’).


@SciFiGameDev Though I don’t know how much we reach the same conclusions in the end.

@SciFiGameDev Very sensible approach to thinking about it. We make different assumptions and calculated risks about some of the unknowns, but other than that I think I agree.

Many others participated as well and I got insights and learned new things about other people's views on these things that I find highly fascinating. Can't say my own views on the issue are very common, so I'm sure they are fascinating to others as well. ;)

This is my favorite tweet and culmination (for me) in a loooong debate about what games are ethical or not. I want to thank @tha_rami for being a good sport answering all my curious questions, and debating respectfully despite our wild disagreements.

RT @tha_rami

@runevision @arganoid @SecretOfNimm 1 is fine. 2 is not. You're forgetting that in 1, two participants consented, and in 2, the fictional person cannot consent.


@SciFiGameDev Thanks. What I meant is more what trends and common patterns have emerged now that VR has a few years on its back, with comparisons between games.

Has there been any articles or videos comparing patterns and trends in interaction patterns in VR games and experiences? Like how is the logo and title shown? How are menus done? How are credits shown?

Of course, I got some constructive feedback on that video from various people and had to make another iteration. Here, enjoy yet more splashes, now in slow motion again, and with music:

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