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Besides that it was mostly about the worn paper background and making all the UI use a shader that multiplies its color onto the background in order to give it that printed look. Lastly, the simple decorative frame is the final touch.

A challenge for me was finding a font with the right balance between stylish and playful. I previously tried using Carter One which felt too cartoony and Museo Slab which felt too formal. I ended up using Amaranth.

Working on menus. I'm no game UI styling expert, but I think it's at least an improvement over the Unity built-in default style the menu had before, in term of coherence with the tone of this game?

Okay, how's the lava now? I added steam particles, a better lava pattern, and baked lightmaps.

The bubbles are made with a particle system emitting sphere meshes, but they looked bad when I just gave them fixed or random colors. I ended up making the regular lava texture based fully on world space look-ups, not UVs, so the bubbles could be mapped identically.

I ended up offsetting texture look-ups in two directions according to some sinus and cosinus functions. Additionally there's a texture that maps distance to walls, so the flow can be slowed there and the lava also be darker. Here's that texture, and its effect on the lava.

I looked at existing solutions like this Lava Flowing Shader, but its unidirectional flow is more suited to a lava river than the kind of lava pools I have.

Unfortunately my experience as well; SourceTree performance became close to "unusable" around version 2.0 & later. Comparison video of 1.9.8 vs 2.6.3 by @runevision

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