Excited to be running our first workshop at the @DCMRCStudio@twitter.com featuring @Artbygavin@twitter.com, Harrison Forsyth, and yours truly!

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For our latest 🥼 we have Rachel Lazary, a Concept Artist, Illustrator and graduate of the @DurhamCollege@twitter.com
Game Art program.

We're of her years at the MRC Studio, where she contributed to many projects as an illustrator and 3d artist.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/DCMRCStudio/status

I wasn't prepared for how fun texturing fish would be. Would love to sit and polish, but it's a game jam, so forget that!!! Gotta rig and integrate these little buddies now.

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Instead of modelling fish for the fishing game (what? no fish still????) I have added in a fish counter + some tutorial messages for the first scene.

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Sound effects are in, I really really need to replace the placeholder fish now! Can't believe how quickly this is coming together.

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This project smells overscoped but it's getting done so..... 🤷‍♂️

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