I added some attack vfx and fixed some bugs/game feel stuff this morning. We have some exciting level design stuff in progress too, but that's not in the video 🙃 @KrogTheGame@twitter.com

Still working on that 1.0 release of the MRC Issue Tracker ⏱☑️🐞

Had a blast doing some performance capture at the @DCMRCStudio@twitter.com this past weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better team for this one. Great job everybody! 👏

Someone should inform my IT department that Microsoft gave up on expiring passwords in 2019 (with excellent reasoning).

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Life goals

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Today i learned that Capybaras are chill with everyone. Here they are getting along with the entire animal kingdom. Real life Disney princesses.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/todayyearsoldig/st

Doing some computer surgery soon, shout out if you know what this kit is for!

Very important @KrogTheGame@twitter.com update! Krog tumbles adorably when he stumbles down cliffs.

While it's very tempting to spend a bunch of my precious time setting up my Steam Deck as a little game dev machine, I must remember that my MacBook Air destroys it in performance, battery life, and heat.

Steam Deck is for portable gaming... and @OntarioGameTest@twitter.com 🤓🎮

Something really cool came in the mail today from @coreydrakegames@twitter.com 👀

Krog progress continues! I'm holding back some content from sharing now because there are surprises I don't want ruined 😅

Here's a sculpt of a 3D logo we're trying out by the wonderful and skilled, Rayden Deneault! This isn't even it's final form (no textures).

Idea for a game jam: make a 1 mechanic game in Godot in the time Unreal takes to compile shaders on first launch.

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