Everything is "opening up" way too damn fast and I'm getting freaked out.

For some reason, using a dynamic resolution causes the terrain to do this in a level that has loaded twice. I guess I should prepare a bug report?

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@varpness working on the iOS version of ryanmiller.itch.io/fishing-tri and this comes up not the first, but the second time this level is loaded.

5 minutes!

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Indie Superboost.
Wednesday, May 18th, 1:00 PM EDT
Leveraging Universities and Colleges feat. @RyanThinker@twitter.com

Don't miss it!βœοΈπŸŽ™οΈ

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Small update to Fishing Spirit - you can take naps now. Useful if the fish you're looking to catch isn't anywhere to be seen. it's cute, also.


My feet, up on the desk? You must be mistaken. I think those must be CG or something.

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Excited to be running our first workshop at the @DCMRCStudio@twitter.com featuring @Artbygavin@twitter.com, Harrison Forsyth, and yours truly!

There are more covid cases now than during the first few waves, and I'm required to go back into the office where mask compliance seems to be sharply decreasing despite official requirements. I am displeased.

Rachel started at the MRC Studio before I did! Great to see her graduate with such a strong reel (and a job, already?). Her contributions were many. She will be missed!

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For our latest πŸ₯Ό we have Rachel Lazary, a Concept Artist, Illustrator and graduate of the @DurhamCollege@twitter.com
Game Art program.

We're of her years at the MRC Studio, where she contributed to many projects as an illustrator and 3d artist.

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It is hard to get back to work after a game jam weekend πŸ˜•

I just wanna keep making games, why are all these e-mails here?

This morning I built the game to iOS and my daughter loved playing it, therefore, I declare this TOjam an astounding success πŸ₯³

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Grab my latest game, 🎣 "Fishing Trip" 🐠 now for free over on itch! ryanmiller.itch.io/fishing-tri It's a cozy fishing game where you travel between your favourite fishing spots to help fish back to their homes.

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