Current status: gathering pumpkin spice power in all it’s forms

I added some attack vfx and fixed some bugs/game feel stuff this morning. We have some exciting level design stuff in progress too, but that's not in the video 🙃

I can develop games for all but one of these (the anbernic RG350) which bothers me just a tiny bit 😅 probably not that hard to put something on the RG350 but not the style of game I normally interact with.

Show thread Y'know, without the "I'm free on thursday at 1pm and 4pm, then friday 2pm and monday on 1pm but not for more than a half hour" sort of back and forth e-mails.

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Also wanted to make a shout out to for making this constant onslaught of scheduled meetings possible.

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Been struggling with far too many back-to-back meeting days this past month, made some changes this morning to block off some no-meeting days + shrink the gaps between meetings on yes-meeting days and I'm feeling very good 🤗

Still working on that 1.0 release of the MRC Issue Tracker ⏱☑️🐞

Hi, please keep wearing a mask in public places. It’s still effective and it’s so easy. Thanks.


No big deal, just an 80% reduction in per capita covid death in countries that had mask policies.



Steam deck will eventually be a better emulation device, but software needs to catch up. There are lots of stream games to play on it! Elden Ring and FFXV are both running very nicely on it and keeping me entertained.

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I’m going to stick to my Pixel 3 phone + Razer Kishi for emulation, since the Android landscape for emulation is much more mature and has excellent UX.

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Had more time to play around with emulation. PS2 Games run great but the emulator landscape still sucks. It’s early days, right? EmuDeck basically doesn’t support custom shaders and makes the steam library a bit of a mess. RetroArch is almost great but has some odd problems.

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Just bought my first mainline final fantasy game since 7??? What

Steam Deck is quickly becoming my go to console for games that run below 30fps on Switch 😅

Had a blast doing some performance capture at the this past weekend. I couldn't have asked for a better team for this one. Great job everybody! 👏

Was hoping for a solid portable wireless controller to dev with on my Macbook portable setup but I dunno if this is going to be the one.

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Tried XInput DInput and the MacOS mode so far with not much improvement in any.

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Picked up a 8BitDo SN30 pro controller and it seems kind of awful on MacOS despite explicitly supporting it. Almost a whole second of lag and the bindings don't work properly with Unity's new Input System. Anyone else using this and have any suggestions?

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