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Here is my TOJam 2022 dev thread! Follow along in the game making adventure (or mute it because you aren't interested). This weekend I'll be building a ~fishing game~ for the first time and trying to match the theme "That shouldn't be here."

Join me on Wednesday for the next Indie Superboost: Leveraging Colleges and Universities.

I'll chat about internship, field placement/co-op, work study, applied research, and the benefits of these resources for your studio!

I'm really surprised this sort of redundancy isn't better addressed by default? I'm sure there's some way I could configure things to mitigate, but come on...

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If I say "Hey Siri" they ALL pipe up and get really excited to beat each other in a race to answer my command.

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It's cool to do the Apple ecosystem thing and sit here with a Macbook, iPhone and iPad, but boy do we need a better solution for notifications, because it feels like 3 robots are each yelling at me all day about the same thing.

Using a new and experimental technology doesn't make your project more interesting, it usually just makes it more expensive.


What is an aspect of your job that people often don't get? πŸ€”

QT with your answer! βœοΈπŸ”


Initial plans are 1) Discord bot 2) Gitea Server 3) Local network file server. We'll see what else it can do. It's too slow to be a Unity build server, but maybe it'll be useful as a Cache server?

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I got one of these for less than $200! Aside from Windows 11 and a fan that never stops, it's pretty great. Much faster than a Raspberry Pi for what is equivalent/less cost these days.

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There is now a tiny computer in my garage, which will host all sorts of local nonsense. Excited about the tinkering that will ensue.

Safe to assume most of these votes are game developers or people who work in tech. How much do you want to bet the 2 computer peeps are 1 desktop + 1 laptop?


How many computers do you have and use regularly? Work computers count...


I respect that there are people who like working in an office, but I am primed to go off on a big rant about how the idea of "going back to the office/normal" is grossly ignorant.

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It says a lot that people will opt to work-at-home for a day when there's a big batch of difficult work to get through on a deadline.

Hey Mastodon friends, I'm Ryan Miller. I'm passionate about empowering small teams to do their best work, and believe that great things can be built on-time, on-budget, and without crunch. I’ve worked on dozens of games across many platforms as a programmer, artist, and manager. I've shipped indie games on consoles/PC like Fire Tonight, Mundaun, and Fossil Hunters. By day, I am Project Manager at an Applied Research lab called MRC Studio that works with Indie Game Developers.

Happy May! This month marks 2 years since I started at the 😁 I love working with my favorite πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ indie game developers, training students and building a super-solid team of researchers.

Thrilled to be the Project Manager for this whole thing.

Let's get to work!

and yes... this runs on windows, or macOS, or linux, or raspberry pi, etc etc etc.

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Set up a home Git server this week using ✨ Gitea ✨and it's much easier than my past solution, VMWare + Ubuntu + Gitlab CE. I've got mirrors now for Gitlab repos, and the files are stored on a drive that backs up automatically with Backblaze. Not bad!!!

This character's name was Coral, and she never made it into the game πŸ˜•

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