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I wasn't sure if S6 could afford to support Remote Choice yet as a young start-up, but here we are. I have to say, I'm proud to be here. 😊
#Singularity6 is going Remote Choice! 🌎

Our open roles are now eligible for remote work in approved states.

Read more here:

#hiring #gamedevjobs
#mmo #ue4 #unrealengine #gamedev #gamejobs #devjobs

Big sigh. Dropping mask mandates and easing every restriction imaginable is doing this virus so many favours.


COVID-19: Viral characteristics of BA.4/BA.5 & BA.2.12.1

The newest Omicron variants BA.4 and BA.5 have been spreading around the world and now growing in Canada and the USA. 🧵1/


There should only be two options for folder sorting:

- By type
- By last modified

Maybe by size, MAYBE!

Wow, Unity Answers is shutting down 😢 Sad to see, as it was an integral part of my journey to becoming a unity developer. I hope the forum modifications will fill the hole, if not, we’ve always got stack overflow.

Just got my tickets for Keynote: Discoverability - Fireside Chat with Simon Carless, Hosted by Ericka Evans 😎

Feels good on a phone (if you're into on-screen gamepads) and a bit less good on a tablet. I would love to rely on a real gamepad like Kishi or Backbone for a mobile game, but I know 99.9% of people will just use the device itself with no addons.

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Interesting that Diablo Immortal uses on-sreen gamepad controls rather than the classic diablo 'click-to-move' cursor translated for touch. I'm assuming they did a ton of user research to come to this conclusion. I'm considering changing the default Krog mobile controls now...

I'm very excited to announce our next Indie Superboost guest tomorrow! 👀

I just backed Use Your Words 2 on and you should too!

Excited for you & the team,!!

Oh hey look another one of my
games on the App Store


Coming to Google Play soon, too.

My latest jam game, Fishing Trip, is on Google Play now. Go grab it!
That's the last new platform for a while. Take a break, little guy.

Email marketing friends: what are you using for mailing lists these days? I’ve used Mailchimp in the past but expect there are valid (better?) alternatives now. Suggestions welcome!

How is Microsoft getting away with Teams being so awful?

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