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TIL that   instead of a space will prevent text (on a website) from getting a line break / word wrapped. I've been making websites since the Geocities days.

Still battling this cold, but have some great on-campus stuff happening at the next week when I'm better! 💪🤧

Very important update! Krog tumbles adorably when he stumbles down cliffs.

Extremely excited to share that today the...
.. Steam Sale is live! Ontario has an incredible collection of indie developers making the best games. Go check it out! NOW!

Loving the cooler weather, I can have all the windows open and let some fresh air in!

*queue the wood chipper down the street*


Not talking all morning is making me realize just how constantly I’m usually talking normally. This is a nice break!

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Have a pretty rough cold and used what was left of my voice telling bedtime stories to the kiddo last night.

Going to be a no talk day 😶 This should be interesting.

Though, before any smart people reply, I know a CPU instruction set/architecture change is a bigger deal than an OS change.

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Proton is so effective I don’t even think it’s necessary for most devs to target SteamOS. Coming from the Apple Silicon transition, it is interesting to see this kind of thing as optional instead of inevitable.

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Pretty tempted to make more purchases through Steam than Nintendo now; which is really saying something, because I love my Switch.

Maybe if consoles were a bit better about preserving user game collections after a generation change I’d think differently.

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I also tried playing it in the car. In direct sunlight through the window, it got very hot and I couldn’t really see much of anything. So that’s a nope…

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Took the steam deck to visit family this weekend, was easy to hook it up to their TV and show them Elden Ring and a few others. Ran really well!

Noticed that Xbox Series X|S controllers do not work without a firmware upgrade, which was frustrating.

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PSA for those redeeming Unity Humble Bundle, go to this link to enter the code: don't use the store's "redeem voucher" link on the main page.

While it's very tempting to spend a bunch of my precious time setting up my Steam Deck as a little game dev machine, I must remember that my MacBook Air destroys it in performance, battery life, and heat.

Steam Deck is for portable gaming... and 🤓🎮

Lord help me, I’m beginning to like Microsoft Planner.

This might be cooler than the original Nvidia Shield. MAYBE.

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Ok emulation stuff is all sorted out. Brain was just dead last night 😅 Works very well so far. Want to get further into settings to apply custom shaders and stuff but not sure how. Will figure that out someday.

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I'm sorry to report that Fossil Hunters intro video doesn't play. VP8 video in Unity is unsupported? Fire Tonight works perfectly, though.

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Emudeck setup is obtuse, or at least, my evening brain is not up for it, so I'm switching to Retroarch, which has the advantage of being a regular app on Steam.

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