Who can tell me what service you think has the best automation workflow for ? 🤖

You can set something up yourself in , or unfortunately not at @codeberg / @gitea 🌳

The whole thing would be for a @godotengine CI using 🎮

@saarta @codeberg @gitea @godotengine I do use Gitlabs CI Engine on my own machine.

You did not list to propose another option.

@codeberg @gitea @saarta @godotengine Even though I switched to gitlab a while back, when I was on gitea I would use Jenkins for that stuff. It’s not that hard to set up hooks to trigger jobs on push (but manually executing tasks is useful too), and jenkins is a lot less bloated than gitlab

@diggeloid @codeberg @saarta @godotengine codeberg just recently started offering CI in beta (@codeberg), but for selfhosted Gitea then @WoodpeckerCI is a good choice

@saarta @codeberg @gitea @godotengine

If it should be simple and lightweight #gitea and #WoodpeckerCI in a single docker-composed would do the job ...

For new setups I recommend to use woodpecker with latest tag since we switched Envitoment Variables yesterday ...

So checkout &

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