Do you think project management for a solo game developer is overkill and time consuming or is it important for a successful project?

Pls. for a representative statement.


PM is in the most abstract way just a GTD approach.
So if it is some kind of project (and a new game is certainly one),
you will manage it anyway.

Whether with a special tool, a bullet journal or just some post-it.

If I've got you wrong, could you please explain, what PM means to you.

@stefan @saarta I can tell from talking to game Devs and other software projects that you have a project on your hand and you need to manage it. A getting things done approach would be my favourite too.

1. You need clear goals what your game should accomplish. Write down your vision. The process of formulating clear sentences will help to make it clear for yourself. It is easy to get sidetracked with that cool feature of the unity engine or the AI like control of background stuff. 😉

2. You will have to do so much that depends on each other, that it is easy to be overwhelmed and forget cool ideas. Tracking tasks and sub projects with their goals and acceptance criteria will help to focus and know when to stop working on them. Also you can place your ideas there, so you have them handy when working on this aspect.

@stefan @saarta 3. At first it all seems easy, but you will soon have so many ideas and todos, that sometimes it will overwhelm and demotivate. Using any form of management will help you see a clear path to the Finnish line. Divide and Conquer. With algorithms and projects alike...

@saarta Really interested in answers here, especially from published gamedevs. I have a gut feeling, but am much too inexperienced to have a valid/reasonable opinion on this.

@saarta I think the question partly here is a) do you just mean having a project management plan, or hiring someone to support project management (level of resources on this can vary hugely). Secondly, it depends on what basis the game is being made: if you're a solo game dev who is actively trying to use this as a prime income source, obviously a rigorous time management approach may be more important for keeping you on track, if you're not it may be less worth the stress.

@saarta PM is essential, but I don't think you need to follow any formal method.

Yes, the hard part is finding out which aspects of PM are essential in your use case.
It's not only doing too much versus not enough. It's doing the right things that help to bring your project forward and avoiding all the stuff that only slows you down without providing a real benefit.

My best advice: do things for your project but don't do anything for the sake of management if doesn't feel like helping the project succeed.


@saarta hope you don't mind the out of poll answer; but this also depends on the project scope. is this going to take more than 1 month? consider yourself from a month now a different person on the team, as they might do the same to you.

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