I've made some progress on my voxel RPG prototype, now the monsters are hostile and you can die. Fun things can start now ;)

Working on my Voxel Action RPG, I've added local coop multiplayer and tested with my wife 🎮

Monsters are not hostile yet, I have to work on some AI now.

Here is a short video :


I needed to take a break from daily work, so I started coding a voxel engine in C++/GL, and added voxel characters and monsters to it!

Characters are made with MagicaVoxel and body parts are rigged with a custom skeletal animation system.

I will probably continue to post stuff about it as I'm having real fun working on this side project! 👾


I'm Sebastien, an independent app developer from France and also hobbyist game dev.

I make games and engines for fun, and I've never released any commercial game!

I code my games with C++ and OpenGL mostly, but am also a long time Unity user (since 2008 when it was a Mac only app!)

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