After two days of reworking my object model to support nested objects I can finally gaze at this.

Of course, almost all editor commands somehow involved in modifying this structure are currently busted. So, back to work!

Add support for nested objects early, folks! Or not at all...

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Nested game objects! For some reason I decided not to support them back when I designed the engine runtime, years ago.

Since then I have been hacking around issues that could have been easily fixed using nested GOs.

A few days ago I once again ran into an issue with this and decided enough is enough, let's have nested game objects. I now have a huge spec on how to do this, covering everything from the editor, data pipeline, scripting, runtime etc.

Everything is gonna BREAK! Wish me luck...

My game has lots of dirt roads, so I started working on a tool to paint tire tracks on them using splines. Not quite there yet, but showing promise!

Game UI is often a pain-point during gamedev, especially when making your own tech. It's not the most fun part, but still very important and can get quite complicated. Do you use one of the pre-made solutions or roll your own? I landed somewhere in-between, creating my own UI system while using open-source libraries for some of the heavy lifting. Here is a video showing how it works:

Would you look at that, I am live on the thing! "Who is this" I here you say. Well, I am a mostly solo indie developer making a game using self made tech. Here is a totally random screenshot to give you an idea. Be seein' ya!

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