Off to Taipei for the first time on Friday! I've never been to Asia, so pretty excited (not for the 18 hours travelling it'll take me to get there mind you!).

@sheredom Also, you'll basically be in Aus by then, swing by Sydney for a pint :P

@neilogd Haha I'd die. Travelling is like my idea of absolute hell. Stuck in a metal tube for hours with a bunch of sick people. Away from my house and dog, and having to be a in a hotel for a week!

@sheredom I get that pain :( Normally I can make the metal tube time pass OK with some Factorio or programming, but the dry as fuck air in aircraft makes my nose hurt, and ends up with nosebleeds.

@sheredom Then there is certainly that time away from home... I prefer not to be away from my wife, and 5 pets for too long. My usual work trips are 2+ weeks though :(

@neilogd I'm lucky that mine are like 9 days tops. The one added meh is that since I live VERY remote, I need to travel the night before to Inverness, kip in a hotel overnight, and fly in the morning. Means 1 more night away on every trip but hey ho!

@sheredom Ergh :( That extra day sounds annoying as fuck. For me the biggest time sink is just the time in the air + transfers at airports. 1wk away is actually 4 days away, 3 days travel.

@neilogd @sheredom Transfers are the worst for me. There are very few direct flights from my city. Seattle would be 2.5 hours direct, takes me 5+ hours, SF would be 3.5-4 hours, takes 6-9 hours. Boston to visit my gf direct would be 4 hours, currently takes takes 5 hours in the air, and a 2-4 hour layover. 💀

@rlabrecque @neilogd Same here! I can go to Heathrow or Schipol, (one flight a day to each) from Inverness, that's it! So it means I always have to transfer on flights. I don't mind longer layovers myself because I've had so many delays that I'm happy for a time buffer in the middle.

@sheredom @neilogd @rlabrecque I feel your pain. I can only fly to Gatwick from here, so I often have to transfer between there and Heathrow for many international flights as well :(

@neilogd @sheredom I think my record is 38 hours travel time Stockholm to Sydney, via Dublin for some reason. My sure there's people in our office that have done worse though.

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