Did a short post comparing LLVM 15 (just released) against older versions using the Burst compiler. TL;DR - its another compile time regression from LLVM 14, which was slower than 13 too! 😲 duskborn.com/posts/llvm-15-spe

@andrewrk you seeing it being a good bit larger than 14? 11Mb or so bigger here, might have to bite the bullet and switch to -Oz and maybe LTO it too to try slim it down.

@crash I always remember visiting my auntie in San Diego and we couldn’t put washing out on a line to dry (like every person back here in Scotland would do) because of the home owners association rules. Seemed completely batshit to me!

I wrote a short post about adding a way to skip tests to my single header testing library utest.h duskborn.com/posts/utest_skip/

I blogged some random notes about compiler optimizations, branches, and conditional moves.

I wrote about optimizing the new C++ based Blender OBJ importer, and it accidentally ventured into calling conventions topic. aras-p.info/blog/2022/05/12/sp

@rfernandez it’s weird but I miss being concussed. I played ice hockey for 10 years as a kid and we were all concussed all the time. It’s such a bizarre feeling!

I hoisted out a bit of my COVID cancelled EuroLLVM 2020 talk into a blog post - how we made our LLVM pass manager 1.65x faster duskborn.com/posts/making-lega

This made me so damn angry, and this is just what we've been 'lucky' enough to capture on film. Those Russian soldiers are the lowest of the low. bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-61

Noticed in Twitter's new privacy policy
- they record your phone's battery level
- they retain information longer than they say they do
- if you've two accounts w/ different emails & phone #, they still know it's the same person
- if bought, all your info available to new owner.

@joeldevahl I started it purely for my anxiety, but it definitely helps when I’m upping the running distances to relieve any pain and soreness!

I used to think people who were into yoga were crackpots - but man alive it has helped me so much with my anxiety during these awful last two years. I'm a total convert!

@erincandescent it’s like 52% humidity here constantly - 30’s is insanely dry!

Hot new blog post. Where we investigate why `cargo +nightly build` is way slower than `cargo +stage2 build`


Spoiler alert: It was serialization, again.

@logicalerror yeah I’m getting more and more convinced I’ll have to bail on there.

@anji We should give billionaires a medal saying 'yay you won!' and then take everything they make above that.

@cygon both perf and memory from what I was told. On macOS I got 2% faster consistently, but people are saying Linux would be more!

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