I wrote about optimizing the new C++ based Blender OBJ importer, and it accidentally ventured into calling conventions topic. aras-p.info/blog/2022/05/12/sp

@rfernandez it’s weird but I miss being concussed. I played ice hockey for 10 years as a kid and we were all concussed all the time. It’s such a bizarre feeling!

I hoisted out a bit of my COVID cancelled EuroLLVM 2020 talk into a blog post - how we made our LLVM pass manager 1.65x faster duskborn.com/posts/making-lega

This made me so damn angry, and this is just what we've been 'lucky' enough to capture on film. Those Russian soldiers are the lowest of the low. bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-61

Noticed in Twitter's new privacy policy
- they record your phone's battery level
- they retain information longer than they say they do
- if you've two accounts w/ different emails & phone #, they still know it's the same person
- if bought, all your info available to new owner.

@joeldevahl I started it purely for my anxiety, but it definitely helps when I’m upping the running distances to relieve any pain and soreness!

I used to think people who were into yoga were crackpots - but man alive it has helped me so much with my anxiety during these awful last two years. I'm a total convert!

@erincandescent it’s like 52% humidity here constantly - 30’s is insanely dry!

Hot new blog post. Where we investigate why `cargo +nightly build` is way slower than `cargo +stage2 build`


Spoiler alert: It was serialization, again.

@logicalerror yeah I’m getting more and more convinced I’ll have to bail on there.

@anji We should give billionaires a medal saying 'yay you won!' and then take everything they make above that.

@cygon both perf and memory from what I was told. On macOS I got 2% faster consistently, but people are saying Linux would be more!

@resistor the one place I hope might get better is that with all the bitcasts gone it might be easier to see the real operations behind the pointer. Too many times in the past I’d see the bitcast make the optimization fall apart!

First step to supporting LLVM’s opaque pointers done today in Burst - lots and lots of churn left though. Really hope the codegen benefits this is supposed to bring pan out!

@russss @erincandescent don’t you have to also fuse all the light switches if they share a circuit with plugs too though?

@anji recession for sure - there is no way out of it now because of sheer greed. Guess who'll suffer again? The poor.

The cruelty of Russians in this war is unimaginable. It's easy to say this is Putin's war and dismiss it as one cruel man, but this is a country rotten to its core bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-61

@stoklund Yeah - but at that point will it be faster than doing fork() then setting environ then calling execve? I guess not!

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