I'm seeing a lot of takes on Kotaku about unions. Any thoughts, Mastodon indie devs? (I work in an indie studio that's not worker-owned, but mostly alumni, so most of these points do not apply.)


I've never been exploited by my bosses as an indie game dev. I'm underpaid, but so is everyone. I feel fairly credited and appreciated.

I was exploited when I did web development for live action events. And I was exploited when I worked in tech.

One was social capital; the other was financial capital. Both are real.

I am pro-union, although I do not make money so I cannot pay dues.

I hear a lot of horror stories from developers (in-person and online), and I think unionizing would be humane and make games (overall) better.

E.g. Games would likely become more creative because 1) non-privileged people could work in games and 2) people who have more fundamental needs met can afford to be more creative.


@SciFiGameDev @cidney I was encouraged to see the French unionisation efforts be explicit that members are trusted to be fair in contributing dues (based on income & including a free tier). stjv.fr/en/faq-en/

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