Really wish it was more common to not post art (eg in chats) without finding the source. Like, if you don't know the artist, don't share until you do and can link the place they're happy for people to view it/can make sure it's not "please do not repost" or even private art (no copy is shared online by artist). "Oh, cool pic" doesn't make it public domain.

@shivoa while that would be the best case I really think that this would only result in less sharing of the art *and* less people looking it up, the way things are

As soon as somebody posts something the first time without source, it just becomes too much of an overhead for people to bother finding as must sharing is reflexive not because of a deep appreciation or smth tha would make them *need* to find out

So this seems to be a case where everybody has to obey the rules or it doesn't work imo

@norado As you say, if we _all_ cared a bit more then shared art would travel with credits more often so be even easier to track (reverse image search often uncovers the source). Seems like a culture change worth pushing rather than pirating the labour of artists (even if shared online, that doesn't mean reposting is allowed - seems like we need a larger culture change on that front but artworks get it worst).

@shivoa I think the main reason that images get it worst, is that there isn't a centralised platform like youtube/soundcloud you can just link to and because looking at an image is just way quicker than listening to music

But yeah it would be great

I am looking for artists for some game prototypes here and there and theres just not a single good platform for searching stuff and a lot of stuff on social media is uncredited

@norado For games art, I often find people have a portfolio page on ArtStation. Possibly the closest to a SoundCloud we've got.

@shivoa yeah that's where I also had success

But it is also really bad at allowing you to search effectively
And you don't immediately see if someone is available for work

You really have to have manual moderation and classification for art

And they could even just outsource it by letting people be curators

The number of days I spent on that site, and I could have just classified things going along

But this way you have to just dive in every time

@shivoa @norado
Can technology help make attribution easier? Store artist information in the file's metadata. This exists for jpeg, png, but I don't know how widely it's used. Get tools like web browsers to show you that information. Will help make attribution more accessible and make it obvious when attribution exists and when it's missing

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