Grabbing a look at The Division 2 & some stellar work on the visuals. From weather systems & time of day to small things like fading SSR into envmaps & the TAA resolve. Here's a crop from some distant chainlink where the internal renderer is only doing 85% res, almost perfect & just as clean in motion:

The Ubisoft studios continue to be the masters of recreating a compacted version of a bit of a city like no one else does.
Saw some interesting pattens on this fence texture when at a sharp angle to the camera (maybe not "almost perfect" yet). Also a few geom bugs with the best giving a glimpse to how tightly polys are being clipped through portals (here misaligned to the actual doorway):

@shivoa One of my favorites like this is when you lean your character past a wall in Dishonored. Sometimes the game will still cull previously occluded parts of the level before drawing them a moment later.

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