You ever turn on a setting combo (DSR + FXAA here) in a shipping, patched game and wonder if you've accidentally cursed your PC?
More pics:

Does anyone have any advice for capturing a frame from inside a shipping UWP app?
I'm used to basic use of Nsight & despite checking permissions, I'm getting "you don't have permission to open this file" when selecting the relevant exe to launch. (The only UWP guide I can find is for when it's your app inside Visual Studio - I realise one of the "features" of UWP is making working with the shipping app files hard/unpleasant for end users.)

@shivoa I’m not sure if anything besides VS can be used to capture/debug UWP apps. Does nsight say it should support them?

@aras I got as far as but I think it's just saying that inside your own UWP app build you can use it (not that you can attach to a shipped store app). Definitely didn't seem trivial (I only had Nsight Graphics standalone installed here & this was just idle curiosity about a weird glitch).

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