I would absolutely call DLSS Perf softer than native (& reason to push for Balanced or Quality at cost of framerate or other settings at a fixed frame time) here but this is a game that typically hits 1440p30 in these scenarios on the high-end XSX (dynamic res on console, can hit 4K native at points).
I do wonder how long it takes for the next gen of temporal solutions (without AI cores) to emerge & compete with nVidia's hardware advantage. That lead is significant.

I don't have the option to give a detailed side by side at my home office (so stuck checking some things out the other side of video compression) but my first impression of the dynamic res upscaling (Unreal Engine stock?) on XSX is it's a lot easier to pick out very clear aliasing issues around certain elements while DLSS makes that rarer so typically "fails" into a not-bad soft but stable presentation. Certainly not the first game where I've picked up that trend.

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