Resident Evil 8: The TAA choices here are interesting. For a start, there is a "film grain" option & it's the worst implementation you ever did see. But once you turn that off, the TAA errs on the side of a grainy & sharpened resolve (not great for actually dealing with all aliasing but it gives everything a look to it). Also a FidelityFX CAS option so subtle you'll think the menu option is broken. I thought it did slightly more sharpening than stock TAA & resolved a bit more stable fine detail.

Here are some lossless PNGs (compressed jpegs obscure much; download the source files).
It's an interesting choice to not use the temporal buffer to clean up that lighting dither etc. I have intentionally named the CAS comparison as to not give away which is which & looking back at it (on a 4K display), I'm not even sure the menu option works & I didn't just imagine a slight difference in motion.
That film grain pattern isn't any more pleasant in person. A total waste.

Sounds like the Digital Foundry analysis (looking at direct comparison between new console output & PCs with multiple modern cards) is they suspect all the temporal accumulation stuff is not working at all on PC. Certainly the stuff like dithered lighting is not changing patterns per-frame or showing evidence of motion vector slight drift/softening, so we are left with post-AA + lots of effects like DoF on top of this very "noisy" light/texture style?
This look was completely unintended then?

Getting out the zoom tool (do I need new glasses? I get the feeling I'm no longer in the 20:10 to 20:12 zone) and it's amazing how a few of these seem to show major areas of full aliasing but just about low contrast enough that it doesn't scream it when playing it in motion, especially contrasted against the grainy internal detail of most objects (breaking what in previous generations would be an obvious divide).


Last in this thread I promise but Holy Moly! PS4Pro vs PC, not perfect comparison [as PC tweaked for FoV & less vignette over stock output] but look at the difference in surface texture/grain (again, download PNGs for the full effect). This goes well beyond anisotropic filtering issues on consoles & you can't even say console renderer fully cleans up the aliasing difference vs PC ("smearing" surface textures make spots of weak anti-aliasing stand out far more to my eye).

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