Maybe it's inevitable, given my reactions to most live service game design, but I find it very hard to understand what you're paying for in a pay-to-start/"premium" live game. It always feels like not enough fun additions are included (over many F2P competitors) & there is slightly too much grind, especially vs games with similar sticker prices.
How is Naraka progression meaningfully different to any title using the F2P model? Marvel's Avengers content is as confusing to find as many F2P titles.

I do not understand cosmetic economies. Obviously, if you could directly buy anything, for a decent value, you would buy the stuff you wanted the most (in a price tier) first & maybe not have anything to "work towards" in a live game (unless ongoing content previews have you interested). But eg Avengers has a random loot box (each month carries a different subset of possible cosmetics) that you can buy a hundred of (guaranteeing one named cosmetic) for less than 1 store "rare" cosmetic.

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