RDNA2 CUs inside various chips:
Xbox Series S: 20 [customised]
Radeon RX 6300M (bottom of the dGPU stack): 12
Rembrandt R7/9 iGPU: 12
Steam Deck: 8
Rembrandt (budget) laptop: 6
Samsung 2200 phone SoC: 6 [?]
The new Mendocino APU that AMD are confidently claiming will be right at home inside a laptop that costs up to $700 this holiday: 2 [!]
I just... why?


While I get the push for zero-power dGPU on the desktop to provide battery life, I do wonder if 2 RDNA2 CUs for laptops isn't forcing gaming output down the PCI-E bus or installing a display mux when actually what you want is a mobile dGPU rework to make them even more power-efficient when driven at low speeds. Rather than dropping a different arch [vs nVidia or RDNA3 likely dGPUs] onto the CPU side of the equation that always has to be powered up & has barely any perf. videocardz.com/newz/amd-ryzen-

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