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Jess Birch @shivoa

I've been playing around with Rust. It makes a strong case for itself (especially for the future of high-perf programming), even if the tools aren't quite there yet & the ecosystem is young.

@shivoa lot of similar sentiments from me, I enjoy rust quite a bit. timing wise for me it lacked any obvious roads to console (short of doing it myself) but that also changed in 2017 :c

@_discovery @shivoa yissss so excited to hear how Chucklefish have had a pretty easy time using Rust on consoles so far.

@shivoa nice intro post, thanks! want to play around with Rust this year, posts like this are very helpful

@aras @shivoa the general rust community is also pretty helpful when you're getting started. IRC or forums are nicely populated. Anytime I get an error I can't quite untie on my own, a short paste and 5 min wait on IRC and I'll have learned something new haha.

@shivoa Ah nice. I started using it more so last year. It's a lot of fun, but definitely feels slow going. Trying out Godot for a couple of weeks now, the productivity difference is rather stark. Not exactly fair though either I suppose :)