Grabbing a look at The Division 2 & some stellar work on the visuals. From weather systems & time of day to small things like fading SSR into envmaps & the TAA resolve. Here's a crop from some distant chainlink where the internal renderer is only doing 85% res, almost perfect & just as clean in motion:

Oh wow, I found another good one. When you've got your multilingual release automatically iterating over each supported language, including the name of the expansion.

I guess once you ship a game with a typo in where it saves some config files, it's a real pain to justify the fix (which has to cope with moving said files to the right place rather than just fixing the typo).

Almost a decade since Dragon Age was first released so I'm replaying the entire series. Not sure if I'm getting hyped for the next game or concerned by BioWare's recent output vs 10 years ago.

Me: "Urgh, only one body type & all the clothes unlock via gambling mechanics."
Also me: "But this is a pretty cute look. Praise to RNGesus."

Huh, that seems new. Valve must be starting to push back on purchasable badges/achievements (and trading card churn) which aren't bundled with a "real" game.

This VSCode plugin is really nice (powered by the central repository of libraries). Sometimes a small UI thing makes everything feel clean (and promotes keeping up to date with dependencies).

Congratulations to Harebrained Schemes for torpedoing my productivity in the last week. I've got a bad case of the "just one more mission" tactics game itch.

You can always go back & see what local maxima your design was pushing towards (or completely redesign it towards a brand new maxima).

One of the really good things about Zachtronics puzzles: while they may have a few "perfect" answers, they also have many many acceptable answers (they work even if they aren't best on any of the scoring metrics).

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