@pedrosaclout While this instance is much smaller than the circle that is GameDev Twitter, there is also a far higher signal to noise ratio (eg in replies to posts).
I use Twitter more for political engagement while this instance feels like a platform for microblogging about games (and if I wanted to talk [non-gamedev] politics I would do so on a different instance - an example of how Masto promotes a different usage pattern).

I had been planning to write this blog post for a while but having read Angelo Pesce's post just yesterday, there was bound to be a bit of contextualisation/reaction to that which slipped in. c0de517e.blogspot.com/2019/03/

I've been replaying a lot of games from about ten years ago recently. You can definitely see the reaching of "good enough" asset fidelity (even demanding they feed 4K not 720p screens).
Ultimately, I'm inspired by what it says about long lives for what we're making today. blog.shivoa.net/2019/03/good-e

@razor The quoted text is from the PS4 version's notes. So consoles & PCs being treated identically in this respect.
Switch seems to not have avoided this (I'm thinking eg Doom where only the English-language campaign was on the cart, 9GB download for the rest of the game) but driving 720p with a mobile chip means far smaller asset files even if a publisher does force you to buy your own storage for a "disc" game.

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Just as with Destiny 2's paper "disc" with printed bnet key on PC, there are no real physical copies of The Division 2. GaaS; those without uncapped fast internet cannot join us. 🙁
"If you purchased a physical copy of the game [] download Title Update 1 while you install it. Expect a 88-92 GB download [] final HDD install size will be between 88-92 GB". support.ubi.com/en-US/Faqs/000

And in a "didn't totally pull the rug out from under all the modders" move, nVidia gave some of the devs doing 3D Vision modding a heads up two months ago. Sounds like people are coming up with plans. helixmod.blogspot.com/2019/03/

Technology doesn't always progress in a straight line. I remember last time nVidia gave up on stereoscopic (Elsa Revelator 3D owner from the CRT days). nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answer
Advances linked to this most recent cycle: consumer high refresh rate LCDs & strobed (ULMB) backlights; quite a lot of stuff now used for VR.

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Anyone (not under NDA) know how Origin Access 'Vault' works for indies/non-EA games?
If I'm signing up as a consumer, does it help to download all the indies on there and run them once or is payment tied to meeting some bar like 3+ hours played/reaching a point in the game that sends a message back to Origin?

This is, quite simply, unacceptable; it's inhumane. If a person in a leadership role will not consider their own health & company policies on healthy workplaces, you have to relieve them (enforced vacation) & disable their logins so they can't sneak work in. eventhubs.com/news/2019/mar/03

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You! Know that excellent "graphics programming weekly" that Jendrik Illner does every week (jendrikillner.com/tags/weekly/)? He has a Patreon for it, go throw money at it now! patreon.com/jendrikillner

@thetrakynia I have so far managed to avoid any technical issues like that (while at 60fps) so maybe they patched some of the worst bits.
Impressed that users have hacked the input (removing the mouse acceleration & deadzone - if you moved the mouse slowly, it didn't register!) & added an FoV slider (the default is kinda unplayable on a big screen at mouse/kb viewing distance).

I guess once you ship a game with a typo in where it saves some config files, it's a real pain to justify the fix (which has to cope with moving said files to the right place rather than just fixing the typo).

Almost a decade since Dragon Age was first released so I'm replaying the entire series. Not sure if I'm getting hyped for the next game or concerned by BioWare's recent output vs 10 years ago.

Constantly surprised by nVidia's choices (which clearly work for them, the benchmarks don't lie).
"Turing [GTX] Minor does away with the tensor cores [which nVidia route FP16 ops to with RTX cards] in order to allow for a leaner GPU. So what happens to FP16 operations? As it turns out, NVIDIA has introduced dedicated FP16 cores!" anandtech.com/show/13973/nvidi

@jakob My history is
2003: MX700 (wireless was cool but not perfect);
2008: G5 (ended up not liking the tilt wheel & texture made it prone to collecting dirt);
2013: G400 (just starting to not always register the left button when the office is cold - first time one has actually started mechanically failing).
Seems like I've got a pretty fixed upgrade cycle.

Since 2003 (and the launch of the MX700) there has only been one mouse shape I've used. Had been slightly worried when Logitech retired the mould a few years back (and prices of old stock started creeping up) but it's back (shame it's the Logitech G prices not the M prices). bit-tech.net/news/tech/periphe

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