Evolutionarily, you can think of the lower density of [highly sensitive - we still have decent gradation sensitivity for all primary colours] short cones (blue) as being a response to this effect (rather than causing poor spatial resolution). This also explains why studies find a wide range of ratios between middle & long cones - because we're trying to set our focus to a point beneficial to have either type be most densely packed.
Spatial density is also non-uniform - cone groups can clump.

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Explanation of why your eyes really have poor spatial resolution for blue wavelengths (it's not sensor density, which varies per person & is relatively high anyway) - it's because you're intentionally not focusing on that: calebkruse.com/10-projects/see
(Side-note: when a display says "far lower damaging blue light" they mean they're pushing the blue peak from ~440nm to ~470nm, mildly improving focus too.)

Feeling like two major heatwaves (a month apart) is derailing my plans to upgrade my desktop this autumn. Especially given just how far I can get on a 5800H + 3050 laptop (with the best screen I've ever used attached). Also making me far less interested in current gen consoles until they can work out a "Slim" respin using much less power (don't care about Series S as my 40W laptop GPU is already there). Fewer & fewer exclusives that don't eventually come to PC anyway.

@matttwood I excitedly look forward to AMD learning from Apple Silicon that, for high end, a laptop APU can be designed with more memory controllers & expanding the GPU block out from their current top end APU designs. We don't have to add in a 100W+ dGPU to make a gaming laptop (even if that's still the near-future norm for PC laptop gaming) if we can ensure APU designs are low power on the desktop but scale up when gaming (as Apple Silicon does). Maybe skip the split GPU design of the Ultra?

@TomF Now here's a possible alternative explanation: some of my English education was at older British institutions & "an ubiquitous" didn't fall out of favour until at least the 1940s (and in the Google fiction corpus, it is still almost viable until much later). books.google.com/ngrams/graph?

@TomF Maybe I spent too much time hearing people speaking French as a child & it rubbed off in some word pronunciation. "oo-bi-kwi-tus" vs "yu-tube".

Relatedly, I still get irrationally (it is their company so they get to decide how you pronounce it) annoyed every time I see "a Ubisoft original".
How many decades of thinking of it as "ubi" as in ubiquitous not as in youtube? Impossible for me to not think it should be "an Ubisoft original".

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I don't understand the process of making a game that is visually a clone of another game but with a different set of mechanics.
You can innovate visually to explain to the player that this isn't just a clone of a far more established series. Pick a different way to flourish progress bars, menus, and so on; make sure your icon theme isn't a clone (even if your items use the same terminology/icon references to aid new players transfer skills over); whatever you do, avoid "X but done on the cheap".

@rich With the caveat that there is an objectively right [Kassandra] & wrong answer to the opening question of who you want to play (don't know what happened to recording Alexios' lines but they did not end up sounding great).
Also the current patched version (must-have) has completely cleared up the levelling curve & side-content issues that weren't great at launch. It's still a large sprawling RPG but there is now no need to do any procgen/repeatable quests as you progress.

TIL: it was pronounced "Kotch Media" not "Coke Media". Also I will never need to know that again as they're Plaion ("play on", get it?) now.

I wonder if anyone is already putting DLAA at a different point in their rendering flow vs DLSS.
When you're using DLSS, you want as many operations done before you hand the frame over as there are far fewer pixels to process, as long as op doesn't overly impair the DL inferring detail/cleaning up aliasing. But for DLAA, you can dump anything that doesn't introduce aliasing to the stage afterwards as pixel counts don't change so the cost is the same (& you can operate on "smoother" pixels).

I appear to be pretty bad at predicting actual hardware features I'll use. The USB 3 hub I got for my laptop? Actually using the on/off buttons on it all the time (this is possibly because I don't like the LED lights for each port so only want them on when necessary). Fingerprint reader on the back of my current phone: didn't care until the phone arrived & now it's by far the main way I turn the screen on.

Every year or so I remember the (absolutely wild) torch-passing ending for AC: Odyssey & wonder why Ubisoft haven't created their own off-brand Wonder Woman series to fill in some of that backstory. Did too many people put up with the rather questionable VO of Alexios so you can't spin off a Kassandra game?

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Today I'm reminded that both TweetDeck & Twitter web client have [differently] useless notification panels when your content has any sort of wider engagement. Something you'd think the platform would have solved (as both interfaces are developed internally at Twitter).

@cygon Oh no! Hope your hardware survived it & can be reset back to normal operations.

This seems like a sensible change, removing potentially outdated English-language details from store logos (capsules) so they can be relied upon to be read as the game title. Awards still exist in the area of the individual store page dedicated to them. Temporary updates (big for Early Access & Live Service titles) can still be highlighted as long as localised & not permanent edits. steamcommunity.com/groups/stea

It happened to me: was looking at quite a nice monitor & just thought "well this won't look good in the dark; it's not OLED".
I have basically given up on FALD/miniLED getting where it needs to be on price/perf. Are we even looking at realistic microLED consumer devices before 2025? Meanwhile, Samsung just launched a rival TV-scale OLED technology (QD) & TCL have something coming next year (+ maybe BOE expanding to TV size panels globally soon).

@matttwood My understanding is this is a new anti-harassment tool. There has become a problem with stalking/harassing (which moderators have a hard time dealing with when cheat tools allow players to locate any other players & even teleport to their area).

@matttwood en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mister_M (Very much a cult classic series thanks to getting an international release for the first game.)

@Yakkafo I generally fall off the later game (too many cities to manage without enough interesting choices; some outcomes feel inevitable but take lots of moves to actually resolve; often see victory coming). Think Endless Legend RPG/storylines helped (at least for first few campaign playthroughs) & Old World basically made the entire playthrough finish around the classic midgame point.

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