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Excellent notes on Rust from @federicomena "I think it's one of those languages that make you a better programmer and that let you tackle more ambitious problems."

This morning I've been thinking over these words from Soren Johnson: "No one knows a game both better and worse than the development team, which understands why every decision was made but is also blind to how the game appears to new players."

So far I've never had to write serious networking code for a game project, but this looks like some really good advice/warnings (and covers more than netcode):

Looking at SIL Open Fonts and wondering if I think Lato & Lora look good (both individually and together) in some part because of the name similarity.

Happy for friends who were involved in the Falcon Heavy launch. We can talk larger issues tomorrow, that sure was 10 impressive minutes. Congratulations to everyone who worked hard for it to happen.

@aggsol I found that almost all podcasts have lots of slack air & slow talking so I can get used to listening to them much faster (2x speed usually) just fine.

This reminded me of writing a paper where, during heavy editing of a paragraph, we once somehow rewrote "percentage points" as '%'. None of us even caught that major mistake until the 2nd pass & that underlying data wasn't included so it wouldn't have been picked up during (the most thorough of) peer review.

@aras I guess my general quandary came from not finding the evidence presented as totally compelling (but that's no reason for me to assume the opposite is true either).
Thanks for commenting.

I feel like I was already hearing this type of sky-is-falling talk in 2003 when working on a Torque-powered game. The cost of data stuff feels weird to even include considering what constraints exist to shape how big a data set is once baked (imagine in No Man's Sky baked more assets, it could be a 150GB game if they wanted for the same dev cost).

So that Koster talk: old man yells at clouds? Engines (that do great rapid-prototyping) as blocking innovation and fixing cost/data seems off.

Can't say I can think of many benchmarks where you can pause & go into free camera mode but FFXV just released one with nVidia Ansel enabled & advertised. Kinda cool.

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I've updated my list of graphics/game programming blogs. Added some new ones and cleaned up dead links. 188 awesome blogs and news sites to follow!

@_discovery @ACEfanatic02 I'm also wondering now: do they regen the 4 mips after every translucent draw or is there something crafty going on?

@ACEfanatic02 Having a quick poke around (try first room with demons in - pillars are glass clad & two windows) then it appears to at least not obviously miss them (hard to judge through the blur etc). Deep dive says they do it back-to-front for all translucents:

This is not only good post on software engineering education but also some notes for possible CPD activities:

@ACEfanatic02 When it was my title (indie so even more nebulous than AAA) it was mainly "artist who can also talk coder-speak/liaison".

@obsoke I've had similar thoughts around DIY & how much scaffolding you're having to reinvent by building it yourself. But also it's really attractive to me (especially with at least some groundwork done via a rich library ecosystem).

Good luck, whichever path you go down.

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I've been playing around with Rust. It makes a strong case for itself (especially for the future of high-perf programming), even if the tools aren't quite there yet & the ecosystem is young.

Sometimes you write [0x238F, 0x46AF] as 0x238F46AF rather than 0x46AF238F and your day just goes downhill from there.