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(Caveat for the Shadowrun games being they started shipping before LZ4 was available so there wasn't a great superfast decode option & maybe the choice never got re-evaluated. Disappointing for BattleTech shipping this year with a 9GB download/25GB footprint.)

So I noticed in Harebrained Schemes' games that they don't appear to load compressed assets (install footprint is typically 3-4x download size - filled with Unity AssetBundles that clearly aren't using LZMA or LZ4 options).
Presumably this decision was to target lower CPU specs (despite those systems often having small or slow drives which would benefit from basic compression in the asset loader)?

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NCoSE (Morality in Media: a group who consider the American Library Association & Amnesty International to be part of an axis of evil and demand all media fits their view of Christianity) are claiming Steam removing games as a victory.
Hopefully someone at Valve realises this group is extremely bad news when they're cheering you on.

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This sounds like a great course, and something like it should be part of every undergrad CS program (ideally woven into other CS courses as well).

My college SwEng course was in the top 3 most useful-in-practice classes I took. (Others being architecture & compilers.)

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I don't use it, but I've just seen that Autodesk Sketchbook is now free as in beer.

I'd like to thank publishers for the current AAA trend of "pay more, play early". Definitely curing me of any desire to play $60 games asap (when that means spending $80 to $100).
So I'll now wait for the first sale (when there's also been time to patch a load of issues too)!

Congratulations to Harebrained Schemes for torpedoing my productivity in the last week. I've got a bad case of the "just one more mission" tactics game itch.

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I made a flow chart of which #Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.


If you don't already, this seems like something to factor into testing your code's performance (as some users will have HPET forced via the BCD due to how some gaming tools configure a system, including AMD's own overclocking software).

Shame to see a familiar name close down and turn into a patent troll. After EA licensed, they're going to go after everyone else, right?

Patent (that first diagram makes it pretty clear how broad the claim is):

Small annoyance: how Windows Explorer allows a desktop.ini inside a folder to change the name & icon of a folder shown in the parent dir (with seemingly no setting to turn off the name masking!)

That bit in the current VS Build Tools install process where it makes clear that you're not allowed the current (16299) Windows 10 SDK for C++ unless you also install _all_ the UWP stuff (total size: 4GB) sure is something!

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I'm looking for contributors for the rest of 2018. Doesn't matter where you work or what you do, if you have something interesting to say about games technology then let me know, and maybe we can get it out to the GPUOpen audience. Hit me up with ideas! 💪

I grabbed a Ryzen 2700X today and before any tuning/OC, I'm now getting 132 Mr/s with this CPU code (same build). It's no Threadripper but that's certainly a step up (for embarrassingly parallel workloads).

So this is a thread of weirdness by @icculus on Twitter. Someone fishing for Switch code by trying to impersonate a dev & lie about already being under Ninty NDA.

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@aras Was most surprised that my Iris 540 was so far ahead (80 vs 53) of your Iris 5200 despite having similar theoretical perf ceilings (even if different platforms/DX11 vs Metal driven).