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Hi to the (concept) artists coming over from Tumblr & blessing the Local timeline with your work. 👋

So I'm catching up on some of the games I missed earlier in the year and God of War sure feels like a game directed by someone whose last project was the Tomb Raider reboot (even if leading the cinematic team, the design ethos seems to have rubbed off).
Extremely impressive work on multiple fronts. Looking forward to what the team is working on next.

Replaced my MX Brown keyboard with an MX Blue model (just a basic red-lit K70 - almost sensibly priced now) and the clicky may be a lot louder but the feel is so much nicer when typing.
Shame open plan offices prevent their widespread adoption.

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After the crazy fallout patch thing made me angry I decided to relisten to a specific talk.

It is Pat Wyatt who was the main network/multiplayer programmer for blizzard from warcraft 1 to ~starcraft/diablo2 before co-founding arena net and shipping guildwars.

Touches on some basic stuff and the crazy system they built to make guild wars download every thing in the game on demand.

This is, quite simply, an unacceptable failure of engineering (especially as we know some customers are on capped internet connections). We can't just redownload whole monolithic archive files when some assets change inside them or ship archives in a state that need to be completely replaced a week after launch.

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The C committee released a new working paper on the latest upcoming C standard revision, called "C2x".

One of the proposals is removing K&R function declarations and definitions. This shall be interesting 😉

More on #C2x here:

This is possibly expecting too much but maybe the media covering games could give as much attention to the layoffs at Trion Worlds as they did Telltale Games. I'm also wondering if the labour situation at Rockstar Games is covered to this extent because of the studio involved rather than the working conditions & what that means for devs at far less famous studios (or completely outside the AAA ecosystem) who might get leverage from coverage of their situations.

An often ignored advantage of DRM-free is it empowers your customers to protest store platforms. If a store operator is repeatedly disappointing customers, they can download their purchases and close their accounts (a far more visible protest, often with a "reason" field vs just stopping using the store).
It's something to consider when doing patching - a classic standalone patch might be needed for customers who no longer have a store relationship.

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Gcc/Clang: "Hey, you should really add some parentheses here to explicitly signify your intent with respect to the order of operations."

Rider/Resharper: "Get rid of these redundant parentheses, what kind of idiot doesn't have the entire operation order table front-of-mind at all times?!"

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So...Washed Up! is out NOW 😎

Scratch that block-arranging itch with a our environmentally-themed puzzle game, the first from our husband & wife micro-team. 20% discount in launch week!!

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If you're a lead at a European studio, push your executives/HR to publish the percentage of devs who have opted out of the Working Time Directive.
Push to lower the percentage in order to attract more experienced devs looking for long-term careers. Show your studio understands crunch isn't sustainable.

Physically Based Rendering: From Theory to Implementation is online, with plans for annual updates supported by

MSI apparently lied about the motherboard they sold me, but also it's not bad at what it does for the price. Really wish companies would avoid tarnishing their brand by lying (they've assembled a competent product - sell me on that).

Me: "Urgh, only one body type & all the clothes unlock via gambling mechanics."
Also me: "But this is a pretty cute look. Praise to RNGesus."

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New blog post: Mesh Shader Possibilities! Or why graphics programmers have been yelling about mesh shaders over the last couple weeks.

TIL if you feed nVidia's Vulkan driver a SPV file that actually contains GLSL source not SPIR-V, it just compiles is. Even if the extension to do this isn't enabled.
Certainly an interesting gotcha for anyone starting out if they develop on nVidia and didn't read the documentation on shaders for Vulkan.

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Let me tell you a secret to increase your test coverage 

Downloading the 132 GB installer for Gears 4 (even on a reasonably fast internet connection) is making me think about how many of those assets are for a multiplayer mode I'm not interested in. Maybe offer a default without the highest textures (or take the small visual hit from only using compressed texture formats)?
Game stores need to offer more download choice (especially as more places get capped connections) & "4K textures" as free DLC seems like it should be the norm until then.

"HDR" is a 400-600 nits TV which, if you're lucky, has a 10-bit panel.
"HDR" is a 1/2.3" phone sensor taking some +/-2EV shots combined with local tone mapping.
But a 13 to 15 stops dynamic range large sensor camera capturing raw output is LDR? I think we need some new terminology because it's way too easy to talk past each other trying to discuss what is and isn't a high dynamic range.

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