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Just uploaded: "Rust is a toolkit for making dangerous stuff safe"

Intel pushing to get more laptops out there with GTX1050 & 1060 tier GPUs inside (Vega M GL/GH models) sounds good but I hope they don't give up making their existing Gen driver more compatible & faster (for people who already got an Iris iGPU; low end but not worthless for 3D).

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Nice introduction, I really like the interactive diagrams! "Indirect Illumination using Cubemaps"

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"Retpoline", an optional compiler flag to deal with Spectre attack Landing to llvm/gcc as we speak (e.g.

Virtual calls, as well as switch statements etc., are about to get more expensive.

A side-curiosity but I wonder exactly when Intel engineers realised 2018 was going to start poorly (no way to avoid some perf loss while mitigating these security risks, AMD at least partially dodging same mitigation costs).
Ryzen 12LP refresh's big (non-gaming) benchmark blitz become more interesting.

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A good video to supplement chapter 7 of "realtime rendering":

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I like Mercurial. It should be talked about more; instead of everyone talking about git only (when they aren’t busy talking about blockchains, that is). Let’s do more Hg marketing!

2017 is very nearly over so, as is the tradition, I wrote up a few notes on some games I'd enjoyed this year:

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Spent a week seeing various family using a SP4 (12") & a Nexus 7 as media player on the side. Back home and to a 49" main screen with a 24" media screen; it's a lot to get used to. *leans back rather than hunching forward*

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In another decade, I hope we look back & wonder why we chose to use basic dithered transparency rather than finding performance elsewhere (considering the perf envelope on standard gaming devices). Possibly the most visually distracting (common) drops in IQ in current real-time rendered scenes.

You can always go back & see what local maxima your design was pushing towards (or completely redesign it towards a brand new maxima).

One of the really good things about Zachtronics puzzles: while they may have a few "perfect" answers, they also have many many acceptable answers (they work even if they aren't best on any of the scoring metrics).

Interesting new (non-beta) Steam feature: "Shader Pre-Caching. Whenever possible, depending on hardware and driver support, Steam can download pre-compiled [OGL/Vulkan] shaders for your specific video card."

Some raw footage/3D drafts from björk's latest music video:

Finally getting into Opus Magnum now it's out-out & enjoying tying tricks to the language I'd already seen being used as shorthand on social media.

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Simogo, makers of some of the best narrative games on iOS (Year Walk, Device 6), is moving to consoles for their next project. Sign of times?

Interesting point about what rankings are (ideally) meant to do and how they should lead to detailed information: