(1/x) My GDC talk "How (not) to create Textures for VFX" is online and available for FREE!
You can get Slides, Project Files (UE4 & 5.0) & more:

(2/x) My dedicated post for the project I created for the presentation:

(3/x) Thank you so much helping me! ❤️Celine Tellier, Léa Laurain, Mickaelle Ruckert Kerstin Arnold Laëtitia Carpentier

@simonschreibt very good talk. I always wanted to go to GDC, but it's quite the trip and does cost an arm and a leg to attend, so I never did.

@risu_ika thank you! too be honest, with internet and talk recording i'm not sure if it's worth all the money and effort. It was great to be there and meet new people but I guess this could also be done with a local conference. and then watching the international talks online only.

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