(1/x) My GDC talk "How (not) to create Textures for VFX" is online and available for FREE!
You can get Slides, Project Files (UE4 & 5.0) & more: gdc2022.simonschreibt.de


(2/x) My dedicated @ArtStationHQ@twitter.com post for the project I created for the presentation: artstation.com/artwork/5Bbym1


(3/x) Thank you so much helping me! ❤️Celine Tellier, Léa Laurain, @veerFX@twitter.com @BryanVenzen@twitter.com Mickaelle Ruckert @sarahcarmody@twitter.com @saiel_vfx@twitter.com @PartikelVFX@twitter.com Kerstin Arnold @ShrimpsyKate@twitter.com @Keyserito@twitter.com @R031N_5@twitter.com @ferlings@twitter.com @nibillii@twitter.com @Heavy_2021@twitter.com @luamono@twitter.com Laëtitia Carpentier @alkemigames@twitter.com

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