Every time there’s some news from the Unity world, I’m glad I’m not depending on it anymore. They’re clearly doubling down on all the things I don’t like in the game industry, mobile, F2P, ads, tracking, repeat monetisation. Ew

I mean obviously Epic make most of their money doing that shit as well, but at least it never seems to affect engine priorities. I guess being private they can just decide not to let one thing pollute the other

UE devs just need to hope that Fortnite never stops being insanely profitable I guess

@sinbad I think we'll be fine as long as Epic keep making games, whatever the game is.

@k maybe, but I also remember when it cost 6 figures per title

@sinbad yeah, and you had to buy devkits and be in a locked office. A lot of things have changed since then.

@sinbad that's the absolute least of my worries. :D

I'm more concerned with being able to charge money for what I make. :P

@k Oh sure I'm not worried for myself or current project, more for the trajectory of things. Like it or not, Unity changed the business model of commercial engine dev, if UE becomes the de facto king of the hill again, who knows. Dominance tends to be bad for everyone and if combined with the loss of boatloads of easy money I'm not sure the deal will remain as sweet as it is right now

@sinbad I think that ship's sailed. It'd be like Apple charging for the OS again. Doable in practice, very unlikely in the near term.

@k Agreed, I wasn't talking near term. More like I wouldn't count on UE6 being the same deal

@sinbad Don't think I entirely agree. Epic have been king of the hill for more than a decade. What other AAA engine is there? Every single studio I worked for dropped its in-house tech, in favour of UE, by the end of the 360. Ubi, bits of EA and Rockstar have their own engine, but can't think of many others. Unity nibbled away at the low end of that business, but Epic were well on the way before then.

@k right but they could all afford it. It’s only been the last few years that UE has been available to the masses, which coincided precisely with Epic making shedloads on Fortnite

@sinbad yeah, that's not strictly true though. You're talking about a guide price that was on a website. In reality, Epic did a custom price for every single customer, and they have for as long as I can remember. I was offered it for nothing for Lumo. Ruffian could have picked it up for a tiny amount for a couple of projects. Way before Fortnite. Epic just haven't been driven by the licensing revenue, in the way you're describing, for donkeys.

@sinbad Fornite / Unity may well have tipped them into going free, but even the royalty they had from the start of 4 was hardly onerous.

@k ok well for those of us without the contacts, that price was all we had to go on. Just seems like if the environment returns to the days when it was expensive, why expect things to be different. Must cost a lot to make

@sinbad I'm sure it costs a fucking fortune. :D

When it does change, just email their sales department. They used to be a friendly bunch that were entirely accomodating to cold callers.

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