My hottest tip for writing good software

1. Write code that you’re not very happy with
2. Go to bed
3. Sip coffee the next morning
4. Delete yesterday’s work and do it again from scratch

Note: You cannot skip over any of the steps

Oh! I remember one time coding very late at night on a personnal project. I was sooo excited, I didn't want to go to bed. Everything was working so great, it felt like I was able to easily overcome all the bugs and issues I faced. I went to bed at the 4 or 5AM.

When I read my code the following day, I was in shock: it was complete garbage. And I had spent 5 hours writing that garbage. I rewrote the all thing in 1h and promise myself to never do that again! :D

@sinbad I had a professor once who claimed the best way to write a paper was to type up a first draft, print it out, delete the file, then type it back in using the printout only for reference if you got stuck.

The idea being that you'd cut out a lot of chaff through sheer laziness, not wanting to retype anything that wasn't truly important.

I was always a bit *too* lazy to actually try it, but I suspect it worked…and you could probably write some pretty tight code the same way.

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