My wife & I are working on our first game, Washed Up, a take on shape-arranging games that came out of GGJ2017 (theme: waves). Keeping it simple to begin with, but finding even that takes ages!

@sinbad Didn't realise you were also working with your wife. @juulcat and I took the plunge a few years back.

@dougbinks @juulcat Cool! Yeah we discovered we enjoyed working together after the game jam. She's still only doing it in spare time, I've been full-time for a couple of months. Early days but hopefully we can expand as we both improve 🙂

@sinbad We had a test run which went well, @juulcat started with webdev for our site then switched to C++ gamedev which she massively prefers to the former (so far!).

@dougbinks @sinbad working together is awesome. I'm so happy to hear you're doing it too. All the best with your project!

@juulcat @dougbinks Same to you, Avoyd looks very impressive! We're just doing little 2D things for now, baby steps :)

@sinbad @juulcat That's likely a more successful route than ours, since I started the project and like yourself was an engine dev so our project scope is a bit big (but not too big one hopes).

@sinbad @dougbinks Thanks, I wish I were an artist though :) (but programming is so much fun!)

@dougbinks @juulcat That I can understand! Marie doesn't code but is doing all our art, and we design together; this idea was originally hers and she plays a lot of smaller Steam games I never get around to so has more breadth than me, I tend to be more deep dive

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