My office chair got an eyebrow raise from a friend today, so I’m going to share the picture more widely because more people should know about the wonderful Hag Capisco. It’s weird looking but 9 years ago this chair allowed me to continue working after my back became really bad and I love it, together with my height adjustable desk. Look after yourselves, desk bound friends!

@sinbad I invested in a good desk and chair a while back and it's the best work investment I've made in a decade

@sinbad Your chair kinda looks like it wants to accuse me of heresy.

We have the same chairs in a few rooms in our office. I don't mind using them for a few minutes, but last week a coworker said "it's the worst chair design in the history of mankind", so I guess it's not for everyone 😄

@jon_valdes it takes getting used to, and it’s not “comfy” in the traditional sense. But turns out being comfy in a sitting position (for long periods) is *really* terrible for your health 😉

@sinbad Proper work environments ought to be part of any education likely resulting in desk-bound jobs.

@sinbad I still remember reading your blogpost saying that you were no longer spearheading Ogre3D because of the back issues. Glad that you could find ways to keep rockin' more comfortably! 🎉

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