So many of my childhood and highschool memories seem to be gone, I often find myself listening to stories about things I did that I have zero recollection of.. told to me by people who are my age. I was wondering last night, is it possible my oldest memories were overwritten by newer associations to the point that they are no longer findable?

@sirdimples Human autobiographical memory is on a spectrum (from HSAM to SDAM) so at the extreme end, I barely have any sensory recollections of any past, even very recent (what limited memory I have is as if I read a book about someone else's life, except it is my own).
There's also increasing study into how forgetting is a core part of how our brains (& all brains) work. It's not a failure if you're on the upper end of forgetting your own past.

@shivoa that's a very interesting read, cheers! first time I learn that brains have a mechanism to counter over-fitting in experiential memory

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