Accidentally stumbled on myOS an experimental miniature linux targeting OpenGL/C development
I'm very interested in any similar recent attempt to do this? a no-distractions barebones Linux distro with a full drivers set for gpu/sound/input/networking that runs from a ramdisk providing a GCC dev environment and tools. Should be bootable from any x86 machine and provides access to a modern package manager for any additional dev tools/libraries needed 🤩


I recently did a Batocera install on a 64GB USB SSD I have, and it's essentially close to that: direct boot on any x86-64 machine, full access to GPU/sound/networking/bluetooth/etc.. there is an underlying OS but it's completely hidden from the user and you only see the emulation frontend. I tested it on 2 laptops without discreet graphics and a gaming PC with an nvidia GPU and performance is stellar! how fast the thing boots into the frontend put a smile on my face

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