Today in Hover# I tried to automate isometric sprite rendering, ideally a script in Wings3D that repositions the camera to 5 required angles and render each using a povray or YafaRay preset. Wings3D has some sort of scripting, it provides an Erlang repl.. which I've never used and doesn't look trivial.
So I tried Blender, strange thing is... its UI is terribly flickery!? after a few hours of digging, turns out it was a fresh mesa bug..


Hints from today:

* YafaRay in Fedora 35 is broken so won't work with Wings3D or at all, download it directly from its website and use that instead.
* latest Mesa update 21.3.* broke new Intel iris async fencing thing so expect massive flicker if you have a new intel iGPU. Official patches are incoming but in the meantime Blender 2.79 and below are unaffected.

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