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The process of rooting a 3ds is so much cooler than it used to be, it involves figuring out the hardware key using a smart attack vector. The last step in that process is mining the correct key through an online freely available "SeedMiner" made up of a pool of GPUs donated by enthusiasts.
It took a few minutes to find mine, and there is an up-to-date 3ds build of TIC-80 that works well! 🀩

I advised my cousin to buy an affordable gaming laptop instead of bot jousting for a GPU that costs the same if one is lucky.. when it dawned on me, I think desktops have taken their last breath. With the dawn of M1, the GPU shortage and iGPUs packing serious flops, what advantage is there now in a desktop? For end-users, none. Compilation and rendering no longer cost a lot, and mobile CPUs are comparable to desktop. So not much for gamedevs either.
I think I've already built my last desktop πŸ’”

I was thinking back to the death of flash. At the time I was excited to finally have access to the GPU via stage3d (way too late) and had big hopes to go back and upgrade my game Zamron to take advantage of it when it dawned on me that flash is truly about to die. It was my goto rapid gamedev solution and I never quite adopted an alternative to this day, part of me wishes I jumped to Haxe and continued.. sometimes I install Haxe/openfl and examine several demos, a weird fit of nostalgia.

Of all the hundreds of games I own and never played across all platforms.. original Legend of Zelda on game&watch is the one I'm sinking hours in, currently stuck in level 4 cause ran out of keys πŸ˜…

Here's a web-ring for home-made computers that run a created-from-scratch CPU 😯 (source: HN)

While watching a boring tech talk, I started paying attention to how the eyes of the presenter was moving, couldn't help but be incredibly impressed at how quickly they snap from one direction to another with instant 100% focus at an exact arbitrary 3D point, at 60hz framerate it looks instantaneous.
When you focus on an object then move and reorient your head quickly, your eyes will perfectly compensate to maintain focus even if the object was moving. We are still far from this level of tech.

Saw the zelda game & watch today and was very tempted to buy one πŸ’œ I've never really played any zelda game but always felt that I'm missing out.
Interestingly this little thing runs an STM32 microcontroller equipped with a Cortex-M7 sub 200MHz cpu and the emulators run on baremetal! that must have been fun to program πŸ™ƒ cool thing is someone already hacked the mario one and was able to run custom roms on it:

I love the MisterFPGA, to me it's as if magic is real. I naively imagine what would happen if we have a similar board but with 10 times more power..
Today I read a brief explanation by one of the contributors about how that scenario may not make a difference.
Almost all platforms after the 90s operated away from direct hardware dependencies & cycle accuracy because they didn't need to anymore. So we may never see FPGA cores beyond PS1/Saturn/N64 as emulators are sufficient after. 😦

Topic came up today about the effects of covid societal changes on early education, a teacher described how her class of 6 year olds who only experienced school through remote learning had difficulties interacting with one another and found it challenging to share or cooperate when they were in a physical classroom. If the remote early education trend continues, I'm worried this generation of kids will experience more social anxiety as a result.

Malta welcomes digital nomads as one of those nomads I find this very interesting, if a large scale tech emigration develops through this decade then our inflated tech-hotspots may gradually get depopulated. There is already a hint of a future where professional choices are completely detached from geographical choices. Maybe the dark scifi vision of grossly overpopulated miserable megacities won't actually materialize?

So many of my childhood and highschool memories seem to be gone, I often find myself listening to stories about things I did that I have zero recollection of.. told to me by people who are my age. I was wondering last night, is it possible my oldest memories were overwritten by newer associations to the point that they are no longer findable?

Many years ago I looked at a Geforce 6800 Ultra in its box and wished I had $600 to throw away at it...
About 2 years ago I bought a cheap phone as backup (Sony E4g) which has an abysmal MediaTek MT6732 with a Mali-T760 MP2 GPU which has a theoretical computation of 48 GFLOPs and supports DX11.1/SM5.0.
That 6800 Ultra I dreamt about? 54 GFLOPs and DX9/SM3.0.
The realisation blows my mind.

How is it that USB flash disks are still so terrible at writing large files? while smaller cheaper sdcards resolved these issues.
It's not just that they are slow but they periodically io freeze for a few seconds when moving large files.
To experiment I bought a mini SSD in flash disk form that are similarly priced, and the difference is significant!

to get BeeWare ( working in Fedora Kinoite/Silverblue:

* get into toolbox install libsnl and python3.9
* create a python3.9 venv and activate it `python3.9 -m venv myenvname && source myenvname/bin/activate`
* create 2 symlinks in /usr/lib64: `sudo ln -s` and `sudo ln -s`

now briefcase should run with no issues.

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Went back to Beeware and tried its tutorial and actually got it working under fedora kinoite so I'm happy with that for creating my android utilities πŸ˜™

Whenever I see this, it's a reminder that we are a tiny ball of dirt and water floating in a sea of gravity in this vast constantly changing universe 🌝

probably relevant to having trouble with kivy is that I'm using the first stabe-ish build of Fedora Kinoite πŸ˜…

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I recently finished Remedy's Control and found the world story fascinating despite not usually being interested in supernatural stuff. Randomly started watching American Horor Story S1 and it fits so perfectly in the world of Control! that house is a place of power and the living dead are similar to the hiss 😯

I've been trying to find a way to create Android apps on fedora using a python only solution and it has been difficult. I tried to get kivy working both directly and via conda and it just throws non-useful errors when I attempt to start a hello world app, and pip can't find any kivy-deps.* packages to install.
Tried Beeware and immediately got turned off by the complexity of its pipeline. I may have to look into lua based solutions or even.. haxe

This morning while listening to a future of coding podcast episode with Orca's ( developer Devine talking about creating his tools, he explained that he actually created his own date and time system to better match his productivity cycles. days are made of one thousand ticks, and years are made of 26 months of 14 days represented as a-z1-14. there was no need for day names or weekends. I think I want to try that system someday!

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