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god these are fantastic. i want to make one that's like
i drive a HONDA
if you don't like it

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Monster Roster II: Arctic Anomalies is coming soon! Fill your DW campaigns with more unexpected, under utilized monsters based on real-world lore! Vol 1 can be found:

Itch.io: bit.ly/2VfShib

DTRPG: bit.ly/MonsterRoster

funfact: Nina won't eat 99% of cat treats but she will lose her mind and try to violently cuddle you if you use any soap/lotion with lanolin in it.

Old lady content for the day: I bought the BEST peaches from the ranch market this week good lord.

After much stress (it actually rained here last night no less) the Stromgard books destined for US backers arrived today!!

Prepping GM Screens and Maps to ship to our overseas distribution centers on monday!

I like how I've chosen not see the prime ad about mean superheros 40 times in my trending news and yet here we are with the same stupid ad refusing to go away and show me an actual headline. There is no boundary here between promoted content and not, is there?

Also everyone else was doing the picrew thing so i jumped on the bandwagon.

Massive headache for multiple days and nothing helps so it's either tension, migraine onset, or pms. Fight me, uterus.

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Caduceus sticker giveaway! Five stickers to good homes (or whatever home the RNG gods deem fit!) RT to enter, I'll roll for winners on 7/12 - will ship anywhere! ✨🌸GOOD LUCK🌸✨

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Most Arizona thing we do (besides cry about the heat and stay inside for half the year): late night taco run

I know this pool isn't gigantic but this is a really surreal thing I'm lookin at here.

Also dealing with roots was a pain so we cut out 99% of the blue. Going mega-butch while it grows back out but it's so much more comfortable/convenient than the long hair I used to have. I wish I had embraced my butchness earlier!

The opposite of a hot take: is LOVELY. @neilhimself@twitter.com + team outdid themselves and the Aziraphale/Crowley relationship is overflowing with charisma and chemistry. I hardly ever watch TV (lol) but I love the book and I'm glad I watched this.

The Wyrd of Stromgard is #6 hottest and #1 newest in Dungeon World games on DrivethruRPG.com! BIG THANKS to everyone who bought, rated, and reviewed! Check it out!

I'm about 15 miles away from Superstition Mountain. That's not a cloud, it's smoke from the ... Started by a person. There's been smoke billowing up like a thunderhead since early this week and they're having trouble getting it under control.

I spent the weekend polishing the final pdfs for both the Wyrd of Stromgard book + printable playbooks. We're navigating some overwhelming life-stress rn but wrapping up this project as we wait for the (with luck) final proof is a wholesome kind of satisfaction.

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