Monster Roster: Desert Denizens is now LIVE! Check it out on right now!

BUT WAIT! Kickstarter backers got a free download link so check your emails!

Support !

Monster Roster Volume 1 is going LIVE TOMORROW on and DrivethruRPG!! Get 15 detailed monsters/encounters for your games! IRL lore, moves, stats, instincts, descriptions, illustrations! Check out the sample monster I've included 4 more!

Demon cat sent home again with nothing done because she's a monster. Going for full anesthesia on Friday. For a microchip + 2 vaccines.

Day off to a rough start. Demon cat is going back to the vet to try again and I had to give her liquid sedative this morning to help chill her tf out. She was Not Happy. (I love her but she deserved the bird)

Official Announcement!: I made a standalone monster manual for themed on Desert monsters! This will be available as a pdf very soon- I'm doing the artwork myself for the first time!

My cat is SO bad that the vet sent us home yesterday without getting anything done and a prescription sedative so we can try again next week.

When I was in high school sleeping over at a friends house he decided to play for the first time late at night. Right when this monster broke through the window I jabbed him in the side to scare him proper..


Final Fantasy VII released 22 years ago in Japan!

22 years, I was 15...just let that sink in! How old were you when this came out?


Monster manual samples for The Wyrd of Stromgard. If you missed our Kickstarter you can still get it at and get in on our feedback discord to give us feedback before we print it.

Here's a sneak peak at something coming your way next week... I'll make an official announcement on friday!

We won't be doing a second printing of the DM screen or the map so if you want one of those items head to our itch page.

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