We have a BIG annoucement!
✨Solarus has been ported to Nintendo Switch!✨
@OceansHeartgame is the first Solarus-made game to be released on Switch, February 10.
More information coming.

⚠️BREAKING NEWS⚠️After burning in fire, Solarus Forums are back, revamped, and join the dark side. Take a look at forum.solarus-games.org/en/

Happy new year! As promised, the website's tutorials section is finally set up.! More tutorials coming soon!

Solarus is now available as a snap, meaning you can install it straight from Ubuntu's store. Other distros can install through the terminal with: sudo snap install solarus

Get it here: snapcraft.io/solarus

Hi everyone! Solarus is an open-source game engine that makes it easy to create action-RPG games.

It comes with a Quest Editor program which lets you draw maps, manage sprites, and script things in Lua (screenshot attached).

Check it out if you're looking for new ways to make games!

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