Solarus for MacOS has finally been updated to 1.6.4, just like the other packages (it was previously stuck at 1.6.0). Thanks Vlag!

Get some Solarus swag on our official store! Who wants Solarus underpants?
All the money goes to the nonprofit organization, of course.

The website now features walkthroughs for Solarus quests. The first to have a complete walkthrough is Mystery of Solarus DX, so check it if you're lost!

Happy new year! As promised, the website's tutorials section is finally set up.! More tutorials coming soon!

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Solarus is now available as a snap, meaning you can install it straight from Ubuntu's store. Other distros can install through the terminal with: sudo snap install solarus

Get it here:

Hi everyone! Solarus is an open-source game engine that makes it easy to create action-RPG games.

It comes with a Quest Editor program which lets you draw maps, manage sprites, and script things in Lua (screenshot attached).

Check it out if you're looking for new ways to make games!

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