Solarus creator and The Legend of Zelda: Mystery of Solarus producer, Christopho, has an update to share about the launch timing of The Legend of : Mercuris' Chest. Please take a look.

Despite some unexpected stuff, we had a wonderful year in 2021 for Solarus, including... the Switch port! Here is a recap of what happened.

🔥This weekend is Hackathon time with @ChristophoZS @olivclr and @zelda_force! 🔥
You can follow the stream on Chris' channel:
What's planned: Link's Awakening remake, new Solarus Launcher!

We have a BIG annoucement!
✨Solarus has been ported to Nintendo Switch!✨
@OceansHeartgame is the first Solarus-made game to be released on Switch, February 10.
More information coming.

⚠️BREAKING NEWS⚠️After burning in fire, Solarus Forums are back, revamped, and join the dark side. Take a look at

The website is back! Please wait a bit for the forums, though.

Currently, the Solarus website is down because the OVH building where it was hosted has burnt. We'll keep you informed when it's back to normal.

The engine and editor remain GPL. Only the logo changes its license.

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With the agreement of its authors, the Solarus logo (code, resources) is now MIT/CC-BY, so you can use it in a closed-source Solarus quest.

We began an Awesome list in the style of @awesome__re
with all things about Solarus so be sure to bookmark it, and feel free to contribute.

We've just published @11Mraz's quest titled on Solarus Quest Libary. This quest, a 2D hommage to Bloodborne, is having a huge success and is making quite some buzz on the Internet. Check it out if you haven't played it yet!

A new game made with Solarus has been released! It's a 2D Bloodborne, by @11Mraz and you can download it on @itchio ! Don't miss it!

Solarus for MacOS has finally been updated to 1.6.4, just like the other packages (it was previously stuck at 1.6.0). Thanks Vlag!

Get some Solarus swag on our official store! Who wants Solarus underpants?
All the money goes to the nonprofit organization, of course.

The website now features walkthroughs for Solarus quests. The first to have a complete walkthrough is Mystery of Solarus DX, so check it if you're lost!

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