Being something you're not is exhausting. But how do you evolve? Should it be something natural, or should you just get used to being something you're not?

Sweater is coming along nicely. It actually looks like a sweater! Yeah, yeah, Freddy Krueger. That's why the snowflake is there. To differentiate. Yeah.

...Shut up.

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"hey friend what did your true love give to you on Christmas?"
"3,680 birds"

There's so much cool shit happening in Austin and VR tonight and I have to be sick. /pout

Hopefully daytime cold meds don't necessarily have stuff that keeps you awake in them.

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"I am a creative!" He yelled, staring into the infinite void of the default Unity scene

I've been gone for a few days doing family stuff, then Renaissance Faire camping, but I'm back now! How are things?

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Waiting to get a haircut, scrolling through every social media I'm on. It's been like 30 minutes. Send help. I'm dying.

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@sooz You are a hedonistic shadeweaver from the siege-city of Krommleg, where the King and his dwindling subjects await the end of the Black Storm.

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Some day I'll finish this Python class and be able to move on to working on fun stuff.

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So far I'm liking , but the absolute inability to access and interact with most of someone's account / toots if they're on another instance is going to bug me a fair bit, I reckon.

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