Absurd helmet? Check!
Massive spiky shoulders? Check!
Chest piece you can't get rid of because you like the stats? Check!
Waist piece that clashes with the rest of the set? CHECK!!

The classic Ass Kicking set of RPG armor

"The thing about a shark, he's got... lifeless eyes, black eyes, like a doll's eyes."

It's time for the Steam Summer Sale! Or is it the Winter Sale?🤔

This goblin has seen his fair share of combat. The word "lose" is not even in his vocabulary; most words aren't to be honest.

At some point in the past I built an unreleased Tetris clone that had an announcer like Unreal Tournament to make it epic. That then turned into a short lived reddit novelty account and a soundcloud account of random audio clips.

Enjoy soundcloud.com/ut_announcer_gu

I love bandcamp and use VLC for most media. I came across a plugin today that lets me play bandcamp streams and updated the installer gist for Mac OS.


Black flame candle done in GB Pocket palette

I don't know why it's a black flame, it just looks cool :D

I wrote a web app/node based utility to make using BitFontMaker2 a lot simpler. It consumes a sprite sheet of 16x16px glyphs, and spits back out compatible JSON. I hope you all find it useful for making fonts!


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